Monday, January 4, 2010


Photos by B Free Papparazzi (first pic) , Ma'atology and King Yella (Trina/Karma pics)
YOURS TRULY, Ma'at Atkins in the cut with socialite Valarie Johnson at the Miracle on Washington X mas party at Lure. Peep below the other pics from this event!

The Harris Fam: Brothers and promoters Keenan Harris and Koncepts' Keith Harris. Koncepts was one of the sponsors of the event.

DJ TRES: Needles, Enoch and Reminise. They took turns on their 1s and 2s that nite.

In VIP was Soul Stylz' Cornell Boone (right) and his femme crew.

A long shot of the dee-jay booth and singer David Walker (front) gettin in the way of the pic. LOL

Folk gettin their dance and network on (especially the two sisters in a friendly embrace in the middle). Pictured is SYGU's Rhashad "Shadzilla" Whittier.

These two sisters took a chance and bared the cold with their skimpy outifts (They brought coats with them though. LOL) . In the background is FREEtime's Adam Saddler, his group was one of the sponsors of this event.

These two sisters saying hello to OUTCAM.
 well as these sistas.


At the same time of Miracle on Washington, Karma was poppin with a live appearance by rapper Trina. Pictured with Trina is Karma co-owner Wellz Fargo Slim, who's promotions group Loose Cannon sponsored the event. Crazy enough, this was also the nite of the shootings that occurred outside of the club where an off duty cop who was guarding the venue and a patron got shot by another patron who got their gun to do some "pow powing" when Trina appeared around midnitish.

Karma host and Monopoly Promotion's Mocha Latte takes a pic with Trina.

Trina performed before a PACKED crowd.

As the cameras flashed the surprisingly elegantly dressed rapper. No "hoochfit" that nite!


OUTCAM checked out 13 Black Katz' After X-mas party held at rental hall, Neo located in midtown. Pictured is Major Brands' and 13 Black Katz member Elson Williams collecting tickets and 15 bones from the attendees. (We see ya playa taking out that cheese from your pocket. LOL)

13 Black Katz member Mr. Henry takes a flick with Williams as they stop a minute from the cashflow for the OUTCAM.

Major Brands' Tre Williams and his assistant Emily also stopped and flicked with OUTCAM.

Some of the many guests to attended were Urban League's James Buford (center) and Maxx Jazz label prez Richard McDonnell (right).

Therre's country singer wild Bill Young and lawyer Daniel Brown, who manages Young.

Young performing as Brown was in the 1s and 2s.

One of the bartenders that nite was socialite Renaud Chavoz Lucas.

No event would be complete without the Rose Lady comin through!

The bartender area was busy all nite with five lines deep on both sides!

A group of "colorful" sistas takes a pic.

On the 1s and 2s was veteran dee-jay Baby O.

...who also "got down" with the crowd.

Also attended was poet Percy Wells.

There were many fashion statements goin on that nite. One of them was the many men who wore fur on top of fur.

These sistas was peepin the scene from their chairs: Lisa Patton, Roshelle Davis and Lauren Jones. They said they are also avid readers of the Evening Whirl and the "Out and About with Ma'at" column!

The sista on the right was coordinated in her acid washed designed jeans ensem.

Folk on the dance floor doing the Cupid Shuffle (If there weren't enough light to dance, the sista in the middle had enough "light" for everyone. LOL)

Folk gettin it in.

It was wall to wall packed up in that venue!

During a slow number, several couples danced closely.

NOTE: At last count about 1,300 STL folk jammed tightly up at Neo for this after X-mas event. a long list of who's who were there of many ages and races (You names someone and they were there those over the age of 35 that is). they also served appetizers for the crowd as well as the servers maneuvered very carefully with trays throughout the hordes of people.

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