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Photos by Ma'atology (cam phone) Folk outside going inside of Scott Trade Center.
Folk inside the Center.
Folk going through security.

The following pics came from OUTTOWN's club box seats.

One of teh opening acts was blink-182 drummer Travis Barker
Barker was in the right of the boom box speaker and Mixmaster Mike was on the left.
Up next was Rock Ross. Here is a long shot of Ross on stage.
Lil Wayne was surprisingly up next.
He was in raw form
A surprise guest was Wayne's "father" Birdman.
LiL Wayne and the crowd.
Nicki Minaj came after LiL Wayne in her raibow colored hair and outfit.
Another shot of the First Lady of Young Money.
One of the highlights was Nicki Minaj bringing a young lady on stage, sitting her down on a coach and fondling her.
Lil Wayne returned for the last set mostly shirtless showcasing his new buffed frame after his prison stint.

A shot of where OUTCAM was sitting (where the two hands are up) as compared to the crowd.

I Am Still Music Tour Lives Up Its Name

by Ma'at Atkins

The last time rap superstar LIl Wayne performed in St. Louis it was in January 2009 with the I AM MUSIC tour at the same venue. He was coming off his megaplatinum success and breakthriough Grammy Award winning CD Tha Carter III. Since then, he has been featured on countless mixtapes and other artists' hits (Keri Hilson, Lloyd, Shakira)) formed a label, Young Money with his own artists (Drake and current tour co-head Nicki Minaj), releasing a rock CD ("The Rebirth) and and serving an eight month stint for a 2007 gun possession charge.

In other words--he has become an icon.

And if his near sold out show, dubbed I AM STILL MUSIC, that came through the Scott Trade Center Sunday was any indication of that status, then he was definitely crowned such that night by the well diverse crowd (from hip hoppers to east Indian woman in burkas) .

Coming on second bill, the teeny and newly buffed rap star popped on stage, with a city based Cardinals cap, tee, fatigue pants and sneakers, to a fever pitched screams and cheers and applause soon after the introduction of a multisquared light show where his band and dancers were located. He started off his two hour set (which included Minaj as the interlude) with a rap over Chris Brown's current hit, "Look at me Now," and ended with him doing a 16 bar spoken word inspired montage that was heavy on the idioms and metaphors base don his iconic status.

In between were a heavy dosage of his featured raps on others songs ("Bedrock" with Minaj) and mixtape beats. However, when he did his featured raps on Drake's, "Forever" and Miss me" it was evident that a cameo from his protege would have topped off the evening;s already powerfully driven show.

One of the surprises during his set was when his "father', Cash Money CEO Birdman walked on stage midway through his first hour set on Birdman's hit, "Money to Blow." and surprisingly not "Stuntin For my Daddy."

He also brought on stage his other proteges from Young Money rappers Lil Twist, Cory Gunz and Mack Maine and singer Shanell, showcasing their upcoming releases giving them a big stage to perform albeit without it, they would not have been paid much attention. He also gave his DJ45 a moment to shine on the 1s and 2s.

Wayne also showcased his rock band where he also got into his rock star mode performing tunes from his CD, "The Rebirth" including the single, "Prom Queen' that was the only weak point for his heavy hip-hop heads but a bravo moment for showing his diverse talents.

He also thanked the crowd and his crew for not forgetting him while he was locked up saying, ya'll made me feel I wasn't even in there." And he mentioned three things at the beginning and the end of his show that motivates him: "One, I believe in God. Two. I ain't shit without you and Three. I aint shit without you."

Also during his set he also gave props to those who had died which were 2Pac, Biggie Smalls, the recent passing of Nate Dogg and, oddly enough, Michael Jackson as their pics projected on the staggered block stage wall .

Of the slew of songs he performed most of the recognizable ones were "Milli" "Lollipop" Mrs Officer," "Go DJ" and his close, "6 Foot 7. "

As mentioned earlier, Minaj appeared as an interlude between Wayne's two sets as she came on stage in a monk outfit and disrobing to show off her neon rainbow colored unitard and cotton candy inspired Frankenstein hairdo and black corset. Minaj gave more of the shock and comic relief with her 40 minute set as she and her gang of brown skinned sisters with blonde curly wigs, white haltertops and jeans invaded the stage.

Whether it was talking British, playing football with her gang, the camera getting close ups of her gigantic derriere, taking out a prosthetic penis from her crotch or bringing a lady from the crowd and straddled her on a couch (but didnt get too raunchy due to the younger crowd memebrs in the audience that she mentioned after the moment, Minaj did not disappoint with the theatrics. Her vocals were also on point and she sang quite well which was a pleasant surprise.

Just like her music leader, she sang hooks from the recent hits she was featured on (Tre's "Bottoms Up") and hits from her debut platinum CD, Pink Friday including "Your Love," "Right Through Me," Moments for Life" (where she came out in a lower half white bridal dress) and "Did it On Em(which was where she exposed her fake penis). At much amazement, she didnt address the media beef between her and rival rapper LiL Kim.

Before she left the stage she said , "You guys were fuckin amazing tonight. Thank you for your support" Soonafter, she gushed from the crowds adulation before walking on stage.

Opening act Rick Ross was the weakest on the bill which mostly pertained to him walking from one end of the stage to the other then standing in one place performing his songs including, "Hustlin," "I'm the Biggest Boss" and his recent hit, "Aston Martin Music" from his platinum CD, " Teflon Don" His hypeman, John Doe, easily stole the spotlight with his energetic raps and using the stage while Ross threw sweaty towels to the ladies in the crowd during his 35 minute set. Before he exited, Ross thanked "all the mutha fuckas in the audience" for supporting him.

This spot was where Drake was desperately needed.

Filler acts Porcelain Black, blink-182 drummer Travis Barker and DJ Mixmaster Mike helped set the time of the crowd with its rock edged and trip hop sets.

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Lil Wayne made an appearance at Posh in East St. Louis after his concert early Monday. Promoted by LooseCannon and Liquid Assets. To see pics go to King Yella's Facebook page at

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