Monday, April 4, 2011


Photos by J PUSHA (CLUB FLAVA), Kaley Martin (Posh) and Ma'atology (Posh) Therre's Pooch Hall greeting the eagerly excited ladies at Club Flava.

Hosea Chanchez gets hugs from some of his frantic female fans when he arrived .

Hall and Chanchez, who both dressed alike from head to toe, in their hood stance.

Hall and Chanchez take a pic with a Club Flava security officer who was swaggin along with them. lol

A sagging Hall speaking to the crowd.

NOTE: We hear that Chanchez,who was actually scheduled to be at Flava, and Hall , who was actually scheduled to be at only Posh, got their party on for real when they arrived at Club Flava which was around 1:30 AM. They stayed til about 2:20AM and then it was off to Posh right around the corner.


Chanchez and Hall take a pic with Posh co-owner Lynn Galloway in one of the VIP booth areas. Also in the pic is socialite Anthony Givens. check out the scene below before the two stars arrived!

The ladies up in this club had no shame gettin their pole dance on!

 you can see. LOL

It was a mix of hood and glamour girl chic up in there. It was more ladies this nite obviously.

AROUND 2:30 AM....

Chanchez and hall arrived. Here, Mrs. Galloway greets Chanchez at one of the private VIP booths.

Chanchez takes a flick with Anthony Givens and Kaley Martin.

The Game stars with Mrs Galloway.

Chanchez takes a pic with 104.1 personality Jenee who emcees every Saturday at the venue.

Chanchez takes a pic with two female fans. NOTE: Chanchez and Hall arrived at Posh as soon as YOURS TRULY was driving off and out of the parking lot around 2:30. . A long white stretch limousine was parked out front and the two stars walked in the club from the back. There, they greeted and took snaps with fans. We didn't get the time they actually left, but the clubs close at 6 am so we can just assume they didn't stay that long. We gather around 3:30 or so cuz each club was given an hour each (except for Exo that only got 20 minutes tops). Also, this was our first time going to Posh and we must say they get their freak on for sure here. Before the Chanchez and Hall's arrival, We spotted many on the pole dancing and a sista bringing a brotha on stage to simulate clothes burning sex as she bent down touching toes styles and strattled this guy liek she was grating cheese on his jimmy as he pumped her profoundly. We were not old enuff to see that. LOL . We also spotted a STL politician gettin their party and grind on with a young hottie a THIRD of his age up in VIP (This will be a blind item this week). And we saw a radio personality walkin up in the club as though someone owed him money. LOL (another blind item).

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