Monday, April 4, 2011


Photos by B Free Paparazzi (first photo) and Ma'atologyTherre's YOURS TRULY holding up a program for the tri-monthly showcase's headliner, singer/musician Anthony David. Check out below the acts and action that have taken place!

The Soul Stylz staffers gettin it together.

Soul Stylz host Nicci Roach.

First up was Chicago native singer Marz G

who performed his hist including "Sometimes" and his

latest" Make Love."

A long shot of Marz in action.

Roach interviews Marz G who said his inspiration are old school artists such as The Temptations and James Brown.

Up next was Kenneth DeShields who sang sitting at the keys some inspirational tunes.

Helping on background were featured singer C Jay Conrod, Joy and Roach.

Conrad blew the roof off with his soaring vocals.

Conrad in the moment.

Singer TeresaJenee helped accompany Conrad on the keys.

Conrad gets interviewed about his long awaited CD and said that he hopes to finally release this year.

Singer Theresa Payne also got the house rockin with her gospel tinged vocals singing original songs and covers including Chrisette Michelle's "Love is you."

Jenee was filming the action on stage.

Payne wowed them from song number one!

During the Q and A, Payne said she is now focusing on singing background and features on other STL acts' projects including Rockwell Knuckles and Teresa jenee. She also mentioned that even though her inspiration is Beyonce, that she had to stop performing her sing, "Deja Vu" for it was the only song people started to associate with her.

Poet Kels Da Poet put some love jones to the stage.

Kels in a poetic moment.

Kels talked about her upcoming projects.

Headliner Anthony David walks up to the stage.

David, who brought his laptop on stage, started his set with the tune, "Let Me In"

David getting filmed during his set.

Pure neo soul

David engaging the crowd.

A low angle of the balcony.

"A drink to ya."

He asked the crowd if they had his albums "3Chords", "RedClay," "Acey Deucy" and his latest"As Above, So Below" and the crowd cheered. Then he went into his latest song, "Forever More."

From the balcony

NOTE: This event, produced and promoted by Vanita Applebum Entertainment, was very much welcomed and missed after well over a year in hiatus. It is also a great event to get re-establish and reacquaint oneself with progressively positive and business minded folk into the arts. The only problem was the attendees' in the peripheral of the stage were tooooo loud and rampaged the atmosphere of the performances. Spotted were St. Louis Posts' Kevin Johnson, singer Sineta, Vector Communications' Rebeccah Bennett, attorney Michael Walton, Frontline's Brian Stemmons, promoter Monica Tyson, educator Renee Thomas Woods and socialite Damon Green.

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