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Last weekend, The Community Expo had taken place at the America’s Center in downtown St. Louis. One of its events was the Youth Rally co-hosted by BET’s 106 and Park’s Terrence J (center holding plaque) last Saturday morning. Some of the pictured who attended are (FROM LEFT) Expo creator Kevin Bryant, singer Seviin Li,  boxer Devon Alexander (fifth from left), event promoter Orlando Watson, event planner Cedric Cobb, Terrence J, rapper Jibbs (third from right), and event planners Etefia Umana and Nikki Roach. (Photo courtesy of Xanadu PR)

STL native playwright/director Chrys Yvette is staging the St Louis Premiere of her stageplay THE DATING GAME that will take place Sat. June 2 and Sun June 3 at The Regional Arts Commission. For more info go to


President Barack Obama made headlines when Newsweek published the controversial cover of POTUS under a rainbow halo with the tagline "The First Gay President."

"Obama's earned every stripe in this haloed rainbow (aka "Galo"),” Newsweek’s editor-in-chief Tina Brown wrote on Twitter.

Last week, Obama officially announced his support for same-sex marriage, becoming the first sitting president in U.S. history to do so.
"I've just concluded that for me personally, it is important for me to go ahead and affirm that I think same-sex couples should be able to get married," Obama told ABC News.

The cover story, written by openly gay Newsweek contributor Andrew Sullivan, has yet to be released in full, but the magazine posted an excerpt on why the writer believes the president's move to support same-sex marriage was not just a political ploy.

"When you step back a little and assess the record of Obama on gay rights, you see, in fact, that this was not an aberration. It was an inevitable culmination of three years of work," Sullivan writes.

Sullivan draws comparisons between Obama's biracial upbringing and the experience of gays who grow up in heterosexual families.
"He had to discover his black identity and then reconcile it with his white family, just as gays discover their homosexual identity and then have to reconcile it with their heterosexual family,” Sullivan writes.
President Obama's announcement to support same-sex marriage came after Vice President Biden unexpectedly stated his view that gay people should be able to legally marry.

Overall, we applaud Newsweek for the cover and the article ) (the biracial comparison was a bit of a stretch but we get what the author was trying to say) for it was mos definitely a big step in the social climate of this General Election year and the buzz issue of same sex marriage. Our thing was when anti-same sexers, mainly the African American clergy, was the only group to have been put under the spotlight for their stance. 

As Rev. Al Sharpton said on The Tom Joyner Morning Show recently, this is a civil issue regarding ones rights not a religious issue (as he stated if it was a religious issue then whose religion will be deemed the correct way of looking at the issue). Political advocate Eric Michael Dyson made a point recently on the Ed Show when he said that the Bible thumpin’ Christian African American church can be forgiving for all things Biblically sinful but when it comes to same sex issues it pon it yet in the flock of the church many same sexual secrecies take place, ignored, even from the pastors (eg. The allegations against Bishop  Eddie Long) 

Obama is a politician, not a pastor or a Savior in the eyes of African Americans. We are sure he understands that in order for him to get re-elected, he has to look supportive of all Americans and their rights, which includes the LGBT community.  People who are against Obama’s stance needs to step back and question how do civil rights become granted (from a controversial idea taken to the people and congregated to  law from lawmakers) and how they can be taken away, (especially African Americans who just got civil rights in this country in 1964 and 1965.)


In related Newsweek newz, the magazine put the rejected "gay president" cover concepts online, publishing six alternative versions on Tumblr.
Among those left on the cutting-room floor: Obama standing in front of a rainbow-colored flag; the president holding a pair of wedding-cake grooms; and a rainbow flag flying above the White House—similar to the gay marriage cover the New Yorker published on Sunday. You can check out all six of the also-rans here., meanwhile, challenged Newsweek's basic premise, arguing that Obama shouldn't be considered the nation's first "gay president" because our 15th president, James Buchanan, was gay.
Jim Loewen writes:
[Newsweek's] caption is a superficial way to characterize an important development of thought that the president—along with the country—has been making over recent years….the story simply ignores that the U.S. already had a gay president more than a century ago. There can be no doubt that James Buchanan was gay, before, during and after his four years in the White House. Moreover, the nation knew it, too—he was not far into the closet.

Well, we are sure Obama didn’t tout himself to be the Gay President, Newsweek did, so that’s not a good argument from the start and we are sure to bet that the common folk didn’t know that Pres. Buchanan was gay or even knew he was the 15th Presdient. LOL

In more Obama newz, while he was in NYC, he stopped by on the set of “The View” Monday. He fielded questions about the economy, gay marriage, and the ppular romance novel, Fifty Shades of Grey.

Appearing beneath a banner that read “Red White and View,” Obama told Whoopi Goldberg that, regarding the J.P. Morgan disaster, “Jamie Dimon is one of the smartest bankers we’ve got.”

He also corrected Elisabeth Hasselbeck when she characterized the President’s and Mitt Romney’s positions on gay marriage as essentially the same (Romney is “for a Constitutional amendment [banning gay marriage], and for DOMA [the Defense of Marriage Act], so there are real differences,” he told Hasselbeck).

Obama didn’t have a clue of what Shades of Grey was about and said he would ask his wife.

He also answered a pop quiz conducted by Joy Behar.

FYI. The View would have made headlines if this media appearance had gone as originally planned: As was widely reported, Obama had originally thought he might announce his “evolved” stance on gay marriage on this episode, but the Vice President’s remarks on the subject prompted Obama to go elsewhere and earlier on ABC News

Chicago native singer/actress Jennifer Hudson wept in a Chicago courtroom Friday after her former brother-in-law was found guilty of killing three members of the Oscar winner’s family in a Chicago courtroom.
She reportedly furiously shook her head and bit her lip as a jury delivered justice to William Balfour for the brutal 2008 killings of Hudson’s mother, brother and 7-year-old nephew.
Hudson reportedly bravely looked at her sister Julia, whose son was killed, and smiled — before she buried her head on her fiancé’s shoulder and sobbed.
After composing herself, she reporetdly walked from the courtroom while members of her family held hands and marched out behind her.
Balfour, will face a mandatory life sentence in prison. He reportedly showed no emotion when the verdict was read.
Hudson reportedly did not speak to reporters, but stopped briefly to congratulate the prosecutor who secured the three first-degree murder convictions.
“She was very emotional, as you can imagine,” Cook County State’s Attorney Anita Alvarez told the Chicago Sun-Times. “Emotional — but relieved.”

Jennifer Hudson was the first witness called during the trial and attended every day of the proceedings, often wearing mourning black and staring coldly at the suspect.
On Oct. 24, 2008, Hudson’s mother, Darnell Donnerson, 57, and her brother, Jason Hudson, 29, were found shot to death inside their home.
Three days later, Julia’s son Julian was found dead inside a car parked on Chicago’s West Side.

Prosecutors had to build their case using circumstantial evidence since no witnesses survived the shootings.

We were totally surprised that Balfour was guilty on all counts when there was no evidence (DNA or a gun) to link him to the crime—just circumstancial evidence aka “looking guilty.”  We thought for sure he would have been charged Not Guilty based on no evidence and doubt beyond reason. The doubt could have been if Balfour acted alone in the murders or if he was even there when it happened! This was a very bizarre case and believed the jury was blinded by the fact Hudson is a celebrity and they felt sympathy for her and her sister and no evidence was exhibited by the prosecutors.

In related yet unrelated newz, Jennifer Hudon and , her fiancé, David Otunga, were photographed  the day after the verdict was read at Six Flags in Gurnee, Ill.
According to Perez Hilton, they spent a lot of their time riding the thrill rides and being escorted around by the friendly park staff.
She and Otunga also lined up for other rides during their six-hour stay, and looked “nice and relaxed,” according to E! News.

Fellow ride-goers were respectful of the couple’s privacy and mostly left them alone, the site reports.

A Six Flags spokesperson said:
"Jennifer and her family and some of the crew had an enjoyable day at the park. We are glad we did all we could to provide that for them."

Hmm, we were a bit taken aback with this story. In a way, we can understand it, but something about the  paparazzi there and taking pictures of Hudson and Otunga at Six Flags seemed a bit unsettling, the celebratory aspects  and public display of it and all. 

There have been reported rumors that First Lady Michelle Obama and talk show diva Oprah Winfrey are not friends. According to the new book “The Amateur:  Barack Obama in the White House” by Ed Klein, FLOTUS and The O  have allegedly had some ugly confrontations before and after Barack Obama was elected president.  Reportedly, Mrs. Obama has accused Oprah of using the White House to her own advantage in order to hike up her TV ratings. Both women are also being accused of raking each other over the coals to close associates.

The author also wrote, as Barack Obama’s inauguration drew near, Oprah’s calls to Michelle allegedly went unreturned. According to the book’s author, Oprah felt as if she had been kicked to the curb.

Mrs. Obama has also allegedly talked about Oprah’s, while Oprah has reportedly referred to the First Lady as someone who hates fat people.

On another alleged occasion, Oprah invited Mrs. Obama to discuss childhood obesity, which is a cause she is passionate about, and was turned down. The book claims that Oprah was pretty peeved about the rejection

Klein does state that the president has maintained his close ties with Oprah despite the fact that his wife has delegated the job of dealing with her to aides. 

Sources also contend that the president telephones Oprah at night to get her opinion on how he can become more popular with the masses, which makes the allegedly jealous Mrs. Obama not very happy. “Michelle thinks he should turn to her, not Oprah, for that kind of advice,” the book quotes an anonymous source.

When our president supplicated to his missus to extend the White House to Oprah, sources told Klein that is why Michelle taped a May 2011 interview for one of Oprah’s final shows.

Talk about salacious! Well, letls just say if these allegations are true, wouldn’t it be only air that FLOTUS wants her husband to talk to her about issues and not Oprah? We are sure The Obamas’ road to the White House was not easy and the temperaments of each of them swayed among many emotions (they are human for God sake), but with any one who writes a book with anonymous sources, is to be questioned. Real talk, Oprah was very influential in getting Pres. Obama in office, but the question is “Where does the returned favor line end?”  It is interesting that Oprah hasn’t spearheaded Obama’s re-election campaign and has said on the record that she is focusing on saving her OWN. Hmm.


Chicago bred rapper/producer Kanye West will be on the new season of the reality series “Keeping  Up With the Kardashians".
Kim Kardashian. confirmed to E! Online that rapper West, will appear on several episodes of the reality series, saying: "I want to show my life,” adding, "If we are having dinner and he does show up, I'm sure we're not going to go, 'Stop the cameras!'"
But she added, "I'm not going to be taking a bubble bath and drinking champagne or on a sex swing [on camera] like Khloé and Lamar do," Kardashian told E! News, adding, "It's not going to be like that."
Kimye in effect. Can we say TV ratings?


Actress Angelina Jolie reportedly forked over almost $1.6 million on a helicopter and flying lessons for fiance , Springfield, Mo bred actor Brad Pitt , The Sun reports.

A source said of the movie star couple: "They've had a helicopter pad installed in the grounds of their south of France home, Chateau Miraval, so Ange thought it would be nice to buy Brad a helicopter as a surprise present."

The source added: "But even though Brad has his private pilot's license, he still needs to take a few flying lessons, which he'll start straight away."’

Perhaps they could take Pitt's ex-wife, Jennifer Aniston, out for a spin now that they are back on talking terms after years of fighting and public digs. 

The "Friends" actress sent them a $700 bouquet ahead of this week's Cannes Film Festival to congratulate them on their engagement.


Cape Girardeau, Mo native talk show host Rish Limbaugh controversial induction  into Missouri’s “Hall of Famous Missourians” this week was at an invitation-only ceremony at the Jefferson Capitol Building in Jefferson City, Mo closed to the public and guarded by armed members of the Highway Patrol: 

From reports, Limbaugh was ushered into an invite-only ceremony that took place behind closed doors inside the State Capitol’s House chambers, “which were locked and guarded by armed members of the Missouri Highway Patrol while the ceremony took place,” according to the Kansas City Star.  Democratic lawmakers were banned from the induction.  

A bust of Limbaugh, was unveiled at the Hall of Fame ceremony. But for the first time in memory the chamber galleries were closed to the public. And the Republican Speaker of the Missouri House, Steve Tilley, who selected Limbaugh for the honor, gave the media just twenty minutes notice before the event took place. 
The hush-hush nature of the event, which more closely resembled a clandestine political event than a feel-good acknowledgement, likely stemmed from the extraordinary controversy the selection sparked. Owing to Limbaugh’s growing toxicity outside the narrow confines of right-wing talk radio, the backlash to the Missouri announcement was swift and fierce, coming as it did directly on the heels of Limbaugh’s searing Sandra Fluke controversy.

Talk about sneaky move set up by the Hall’s PR people. So the media only gets 20 minutes on the day of the event  to try and get to Jefferson City, Mo to cover it? Hilarious! But we think anti-Rush folk got other issues to deal with other than hound on this event which p0ales from the Obama gay President issue.


Former St. Louis artist Bob Staake has illustrated some 50 books, but perhaps it's his New Yorker covers that have gotten the most national notice.
The magazine's latest cover has Staake showing the White House with columns the color of a rainbow. It's a nod to President Obama's historic comment that he favors marriage for gay couples.

For the New Yorker blog on Friday, Staake wrote:
“It’s a celebratory moment for our country, and that’s what I tried to capture. (I don’t especially like those rainbow colors, but they are what they are—I had to use them.) I wanted to celebrate the bravery of the President’s statement—a statement long overdue—but all the more appreciated in this political year. We are on the right side of history.”

The image seems to refer back to his much lauded cover that marked Obama's election in 2008. That one, too, referenced sky light, with the "O" in the magazine's name glowing like a full moon. Time magazine called it the best magazine cover of the year. In the May 21, 2012, cover, an American flag pokes up from the building into the "O." The illustration's title is "Spectrum of Light."


On Thursday, Emmy Award winning Oak Park, Ill native actress Betty White visits the Smithsonian Associates, an educational division of the museum complex, Smithsonian Institution in Washington DC,  to discuss her career and longtime passion for animals. She will be signing copies of her book, "Betty and Friends: My Life at the Zoo."

White says her interest in animals started in the womb. She says her parents were animal nuts long before she was born.

Then on Friday, White will have a private tour of the National Zoo to see their research efforts behind the scenes


St Louis native and Oscar winning actior Kevin Kline, is set to star in the new film "Darling Companion" (opening Friday), as directed, Lawrence Kasdan (who’s directed Kline if five previous films).  It’s a tale of getting older without letting it get you down.
In "Darling Companion," Kline plays Joseph Winter, a back surgeon who's more than a bit insensitive to his wife, Beth (played by Diane Keaton), and her attachment to their dog, Freeway. When the dog goes missing, Joseph is forced to face up to his egocentricity.

Kline and Kasdan  collaborated on "The Big Chill" (1983), "Silverado" (1985), "I Love You to Death" (1990). "Grand Canyon" (1991) and "French Kiss" (1995).


ADD: The 2012 edition of TBS Just For Laughs Chicago will take place across 15 locations, including such high-profile Chicago venues as The Chicago Theatre, Akoo Theatre (formerly The Rosemont Theatre), Bank of America Theatre, Park West, The Vic Theatre and Victory Gardens June 12-17. (SEE STL NEWZ BELOW FOR MORE ON THIS STORY)


Democratic Illinois Gov. Pat Quinn is calling the push by some state legislators to vote on gambling legislation a "distraction," but isn't stopping the bill's sponsors from pushing for debate this week.

At stake is a bill that would open more casinos in the state, with current proposals from Danville, Rockford and Waukegan in the running, according to the Alton Daily News. An additional, more controversial clause of the legislation would allow slot machines to be operated at race tracks like at Arlington and Balmoral.

The bill's Senate sponsor, Terry Link (D-Waukegan), says the debate could begin mid-week, and House sponsor Lou Lang (D-Skokie) told the WBEZ that the bill's job-creation prospects outweigh Quinn's concerns:

The governor’s against it, but we think we want to save the 40,000 jobs in the agri-business industry...I feel strongly that the economic development and job creation that the bill creates is something that we ought to move forward.

While supporters say the added revenue could be crucial for the cash-strapped state, Quinn has called the push to hear gambling legislation a "distraction" from more pressing issues.
"I think we've got to keep our eye on the prize, and the prize is complete restructuring and reform of two programs that need fundamental overhaul," Quinn said, according to the Chicago Tribune.

NOTE: This story previously stated that Gov. Quinn had withheld his signature on the legislation. Though he has opposed the gambling expansion bill, the measure has never actually reached the governor's desk for him to either approve or veto it, even after the state legislature OKed it.

THREE STLians have received national recognition and roles for their talents:
FIRST St Louis native actor Sean Blakemore was recently nominated for a Daytime Emmy Award for Best Supporting Actor in a Daytime Drama for his role on the ABC soap opera,  "General Hospital." 


THEN, St Louis native David Conley will be in a film called LET IT SHINE that will air on  The Disney Channel June 15
LASTLY St. Louis promoter/blogger Darryl Frierson’s blog From Ashy to Classy, has been cited by Black Enterprise magazine this week as one of the top 20 blogs written by African-Americans


The reality competition show Americas Got Talent debuted its 7th Season on NBC Monday with auditions in Los Angeles and St Louis. The STL auditions were held at The Fox Theatre. A total of 18 acts were aired and nine advanced to the next round to audition in Las Vegas.  The advanced include Ben Blacque, cross bow act;  Simply Sergio, an opera act; and father-daughter singing act Shanice and Maurice Hayes. Nelly’s hit, “Country Grammar” was used in the opening credits  and  the landmarks seen were The Arch and  The Jefferson Memorial. AGT is scheduled to air two more episodes with STL auditions on May 29 and again on June 12.
Chicago native talk show host/actress Sherri Shepherd and Washington, Mo actor Jack Wagner will be part of the two-night  finale of “Dancing With the Stars”
that airs May 21 and 22 on ABC.


The St Louis Rams contract to the St Louis Convention and Visitors Commission went public Monday and the main portion of it are the renovations of the Edward Jones Dome.
According to reports, the Rams’ proposal would cost more than $700 million, compared to the CVC’s $124 million proposal.

The Rams’ vision for the Dome — a 38-page renovation plan marked “confidential” several times — became public after it was released by the office of Missouri Attorney General.

The plan is a counteroffer to the CVC’s proposal earlier this year in Feburary, which the Rams have rejected. The CVC plan proposed capping the public subsidy for renovations at $60 million, calling for the team to cover the rest.

The Rams’ current counterplan doesn’t include a price tag, and it doesn’t say how much, if any, the franchise is willing to contribute.

To come up with its own cost estimate, the CVC hired a construction firm, which landed on $700 million, according to Rainford.

The Rams’ plan also does not spell out how long construction would take or where the team would play while the building is renovated. A source told the Post-Dispatch the team believes it would only miss one football season at the Dome.

The plan would maintain the Dome’s regular-game capacity of about 66,000, but little else would stay the same.

Highlights include:
• Tearing down the eastern half of the Dome and extending the building’s footprint across Broadway and over Baer Plaza. The new eastern side would feature a large glass wall, similar to the glass wall at Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis. The new dimensions would allow for wider concourses throughout the building.

• Adding a new roof that includes an “operable roof panel” that could slide open to bring more natural light in the Dome. The panel would be about the size of the playing field.

• Reconfiguring much of the existing seating to allow more flexibility for nonfootball events, including NCAA basketball games and pro soccer matches.

• Adding two so-called “party platforms” to the end zones, which could be used for temporary seating for a Super Bowl or other events.

• Creating larger entrances at the northeast and southeast corners of the Dome, and adding an entrance in the middle of the eastern facade. Currently, only members of the media and special-needs customers are allowed to enter on the east side.

Talks about renovation were spurred by an escape clause in the Rams’ 30-year lease of the Dome, which was built in 1995.

The team is in the 17th year of that contract, but it can terminate the lease in 2015 if the CVC fails to make the Dome a “first-tier” facility, or one that’s better than three-quarters of all NFL venues in 15 categories.

If the lease is terminated, the Rams could move out of St. Louis or continue at the Dome on a year-to-year basis.

The CVC has until June 1 to accept or reject the Rams’ proposal. If a deal isn’t struck by June 15, the two sides will go into arbitration, which could take until year’s end.

Wow 700 million??? Hmm, that’s a while lot more than 124 million as previously proposed. As we said last week, The Rams and its owner Stan Kroenke has the upper hand it seems because they got leeway from the CVC to have an outside home game from the Dome in London and it was done to keep Rams tickets sales continuing for the 2012 Season. We think it will go into the courts and the judge will side with CVC for The Rams to pay most of the renovations but Kroenke will reject and decide to terminate the contract after the 2014 season and move the team out west where he has a stadium in construction mode as we speak.

Former St Louis Cardinals manager Tony La Russa’s No. 10 jersey was retired this week  before the Cardinals-Atlanta Braves game (PICTURE BY NEWS TRIBUNE). The number was reportedly unveiled on the left-center field wall, complete with a picture of La Russa and also on the wall in right-center-field beneath the Busch Stadium scoreboard.

But La Russa, in between standing ovations, said the occasion did not belong just to him.

“What does having the number out there mean to me? I don’t take this personal,” said La Russa. “Just like career wins. I never took them personal. I don’t take this personal.
“This is about an organization, starting from ownership, front office, players developed in the system, players at the big-league level and. . . in this particular town, the psychological edge we get fron three million fans coming out to watch us.
“You can agree, or ignore it.  But when you see “10” out there, it represents the organization from top to bottom and the fans who have supported us and allowed us to spend the money to bring in talent.”

Players and front office officials from all three of the teams he managed _ Chicago White Sox, Oakland and the Cardinals _ were reportedly  in attendance on this night for La Russa, who managed here for 16 years and almost equally as long for Chicago and Oakland.

The Cardinals who played for La Russa who were on hand included pitchers Dennis Eckersley (who also played for him in Oakland),  Matt Morris and Andy and Alan Benes.

Center fielder Jim Edmonds, shortstop David Eckstein and right fielder Brian Jordan helped to salute La Russa, along with current manager Mike Matheny and coach Mark McGwire, who played for him here, in Matheny’s case, and in Oakland and St. Louis for McGwire.

Dave Duncan, the Cardinals’ pitching coach on a leave of absence this year and who had been with La Russa for nearly 30 years as a coach and a few more years as a teammate in the Athletics’ system, also was there to honor La Russa, who made special mention of Duncan.
Former Cardinals star and manager Joe Torre, like La Russa, now with the commissioner’s office, spoke of how he “hated” to manage against La Russa.
And pitcher Adam Wainwright representing the current team, spoke of the tenacity La Russa brought to his  Cardinals teams.

Besides having his number retired, La Russa received from the Cardinals a framed jersey, a gold-painted fungo bat mounted on a plaque, contributions totaling $100,000 to La Russa’s Animal Rescue Foundation and Cardinals Care, and the key to the city, presented by Major Francis Slay.

In other Cardinals newz, player John Jay had gone on The DL for at least two weeks of forced rest to address his shoulder pain after more than two weeks of trying to play through it didn’t diminish the injury.

The club reportedly placed Jay on the 15-day disabled list Tuesday morning because of a shoulder sprain, the lingering result of a separated right shoulder he sustained crashing into a Busch Stadium outfield wall on April 19. To take Jay’s spot on the roster, the team recalled Shane Robinson two days after optioning him to Class AAA Memphis.

Jay will have another MRI scan taken of his right shoulder this week to determine if it still is structurally sound. (As of this blogging,  there was no update of Jay’s MRI status)

Lee’s Summit, Mo  native Corbin Berkstresser, who is listed as the No. 2 quarterback on Missouri’s spring depth chart, was arrested early Tuesday for allegedly leaving the scene of an accident in Columbia.

He  was reportedly arrested after a car on Lynnwood Drive was struck while parked along a curb, according to the Columbia Police Department. Berkstresser reportedly admitted he was involved, officer Latisha Stroer said.

From police reports, they had been called to the scene at 12:59 a.m., where the rear and passenger side of a car were damaged. However, the driver had reportedly left the scene without notifying the owner of the damaged car.
There were no injuries.

The Columbia Tribune reported that the car’s owner was able to locate a truck with damage matching the accident and reported the license plate to police.

Berkstresser, 20, was reportedly arrested and later released after posting $4,500 bail.

Leaving an accident scene usually is a misdemeanor in Missouri but Berkstresser could face a felony charge if property damage to the other car exceeds $1,000.


St. Louis is about to have a team for the newly created  Lingerie Football League. St Louis will join the LFL’s Eastern Conference, giving the league an even 14 teams in two conferences. Others in the East are the recently named Omaha expansion franchise, Tampa Breeze, Orlando Fantasy, Baltimore Charm, Philadelphia Passion and Cleveland Crush. LFL statement: The team will play  starting in the spring of 2013 in St. Charles’ The Family Arena..
NOTE: There also will be Open Tryouts for the St.Louis Franchise on Sunday, June 17th, at Vetta Sports Club Soccersome from 12PM-3PM. The LFL strongly encourages prospective players to come prepared to participate in strength, speed and agility drills. Also, dress attire is athletic wear (sports bra and shorts) with sneakers or cleats, if on grass surface. In addition athletes are asked to bring a photo to leave behind and to arrive at least 45 minutes prior for registration.

ADD: Comedians Rain Pryor and Marc Price will stop in the STL area with their Showbiz Kids Comedy Rampage Tour 
at Comedy Etc. II May 17-19 (SEE EVENTZ BELOW FOR DETAILS) 

ADD: Soul food restaurantuers and reality show stars Miss Robbie and Tim Montgomery’s Sweetie Pie’s Upper Crust is scheduled to open mid-May 2012. The new location at 3643 Delmar between Spring and Grand will have plenty of space for group events and regular Sweetie Pie soul food lovers. 

UPDATE: The restaurant will have a soft open this weekend and Grand Opening the following weekend,
Houlihan’s Restaurants Inc.   is in talks with private equity firms and other restaurant companies to sell itself in a deal worth nearly $100 million, the Chicago Tribune reports. Houlihan’s has locations in the St. Louis area in BrentwoodChesterfield and Creve Coeur.

According to Deb Peterson of stltoday,com, Dittmer, Mo.'s Megan Stone, a contestant from this season’s reality show, "The Biggest Loser," is scheduled to be at the St. Louis Area Foodbank Thursday, today, to help distribute 5,000 pounds of food donated by Newman’s Own.Stone won the food for the Foodbank in the thirteenth episode of the show, which is also the episode in which she was eliminated from the competition.
The food was won in a challenge involved the contestants loading 30,000 pounds of Newman’s Own products -- the total amount of weight lost on the show up to that date -- onto a truck.

The winner of the challenge got all the food donated to his hometown's local food bank while the other contestants, which included Stone, each got 5,000 pounds donated to his or her local food bank. Newman's Own donated a total of $150,000 worth of groceries during the challenge.

The food is due to be delivered tomorrow at 11 a.m. at the foodbank's headquarters, 70 Corporate Woods Drive in Bridgeton. It will be distributed to the Foodbank's 514 partner agencies, including food pantries, soup kitchens and emergency shelters.


ADD:Former St Louis Rams player Isaac Bruce is back in town for a special event this Friday and Saturday. And you’re invited.  If you’d like to come face to face with the legend, he will be appearing at the Hall of Fame Sports Bar (formerly Pujols 5) Friday at Westport.  It’s from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m. Donations for autographs and photos are requested. Proceeds benefit  the Isaac  Bruce Foundation.

ADD: East St Louis native comedian Willie Lynch will be among many national and up and coming comedians who will perform at TBS' Just For Laughs Festival June 12-17. Lynch will perform at jack and Notes June 16. He made his debut at TBS Just For Laughs Chicago last year as a Breakout Performer, where he got a standing ovation

STL promoter/blogger Darryl Frierson is featured in Black Enterprises' as one of the Top 20 Black Bloggers of 2012 for his blog, Ashy to Classy. For the story go to

There was a memorial service for St Louis native musician and Grammy Award nominated Joshua Webb this week that was held at the New Life Tabernacle COGIC. The musican died last Thursday in a car accident in Atlanta where he resided.


St Louis native opera singer  Kendall Gladen  is  coming home to sing the lead in one of the world’s most popular operas, Carmen at the Opera Theatre of St Louis 212 season . The showtimes start May 19 until June 23. For more info on  showtimes go to
St. Louis native gospel singer Cheneta Jones  is about to release her debut CD release TRANSFORMED.   The CD will be available May 22 on Real Talent Media Group / Habakkuk Music / INgrooves Fontana Distribution.  Consumers can pre-order TRANSFORMED for only $4.99 on iTunes. Cheneta will officially celebrate the release of TRANSFORMED with a concert on May 26 at Faith Miracle Temple, 5320 North U.S. Highway 67 in Florissant, MO.  The event starts at 6PM with special guests Amber Bullock (BET's Sunday's Best Finalist) and rising gospel artist Jonathan McReynolds.  Admission into the concert is a physical copy of Cheneta's Transformed CD. Bring yours or purchase at the door for $10.

ADD: The 356th Annual Annie Malone May Day parade will be going down this Sunday T at 1 p.m. at 20th and Market.


ADD: Foxy 95.5’s live broadcast with DJ Kut  TAKES PLACE FRIDAY NITES AT 10 P.M. at Lola.


The St. Louis Zoo’s Jungle Boogie Friday Night Concert Series gets going again May 25 with Arvell & Co., and runs on Fridays through Aug. 31, with Dirty Muggs wrapping it up.

Concerts are from 5 p.m.-8 p.m., are free and take place at the Schnuck Family Plaza in the center of the zoo.
There is no concert on June 15.
Here’s the rundown:
-- May 25, Arvell & Co. (‘80s & beyond)
-- June 1, Bottoms Up Blues Gang (blues)
-- June 8, Johnny Henry Band (country/southern rock)
-- June 15, No concert (A Zoo Ado Fundraiser)
-- June 22, Funky Butt Brass Band (New Orleans-style brass, jazz and funk)
-- June 29, Charles Glenn (variety, blues and more)
-- July 6, SuperJam (‘70s arena rock)
-- July 13, Push the Limit (variety/dance)
-- July 20, Hudson & the Hoo Doo Cats (swing, jump blues)
-- July 27, Marsha Evans (Motown/soul)
-- August 3, American Idle (country/pop variety)
-- August 10, Cumberland Gap Band (bluegrass)
-- August 17, Griffin & the Gargoyles (variety and top 40 hits)
-- August 24, GalaxyRed (variety/dance)
-- August 31, Dirty Muggs (pop, rock, funk, soul & more)
Get more information at

There were 35 women  who received a Sister Salute award celebrating women of color at its inaugural awards at the Millennium Hotel May 11. One of the recipients was KMOV News reporter (Socialite) Sande Stevenson. It was co hosted by KMOX radio personality Debbie Monterey. It was co charired by Erica Willis, co founder of Black Who's Who of St Louis publication and event.

STL based comedian Darius Bradford has a new comedy nite with Way Back Wedensdays Live at Club Escalade.


STL native playwright/director Chrys Yvette made an appearance on STL Live Monday. To see the interview go to

ADD: STL based fashionista Ola will have \model casting at Macy's South County from 12pm-3pm for all models ages 4 and up, male and female. For more info inbox her on Facebook at

Rapper-poet Corey Black will have  a show this Sunday at 2847 Cherokee St. (SEE EVENTZ BELOW)

 Mickey and Mallory will have a CD listening party for its CD, “Gangsta Lovin” June 16 at Inspot Dessert Lounge  and they have an “app” on


Sansai Restaurant in Clayton closed recently. 

KMOX Radio business reporter  Rick Desloge, died  this week at the age of 63 of pancreatic cancer. A University City native, he graduated from St. Louis U. High and Missouri’s  School of Journalism 

Snoop Dogg is heading to Pop’s with a concert at 7 p.m. May 25.

ADD: Rapper Ca$h Out is at the Broadway nightclub May 26.

Sting performs June 5 at the Fox Theatre.

Superjam June9 at Verizon Wireless Ampitheatre

R&B singer  "CARL THOMAS" will be performing @ the "I'M A SURVIVOR" ALL WHITE CANCER BENEFIT PARTY on June 10TH, at the Planetarium at Forest Park 


Shock rocker Alice Cooper will perform at the Pageant June 16.
 Tony and Emmy Award winning actress Leslie Uggams will reprise her role as Muzzy in this summer's production of "Thoroughly Modern Millie" at the Muny. In its premiere Muny production, the show will run June 18-24
The Dukes of September Rhythm Revue 2012 will perform June 20 at the Fox Theatre featuring Donald Fagen, Michael McDonald and Boz Scaggs.

REO Speedwagon, Styx and Ted Nugent headline the Midwest Rock N’ Roll Express Tour, coming to Verizon Wireless Amphitheater June 22.
Gavin DeGraw and Colbie Caillat co-headline a tour coming to Peabody Opera House June 24.

Afrojack will perform June 24 at the Pageant.


Comedian Margaret Cho is at Lumiere Place Casino’s Lumiere Theater for two shows,. June 23.


Merle Haggard &;Marty Stuart team up for a tour coming to the Family Arena June 24.

Lady Antebellum, Darius Rucker and Thompson Square’s will perform June 29 show at Verizon Wireless Amphitheater.
FAIR ST LOUIS The 32nd annual Fair Saint Louis will will feature three days of free entertainment on the grounds of the Gateway Arch.  Featured headliners include Heart on Wednesday, July 4, Third Eye Blind on Friday, July 6 and Dierks Bentley on Saturday, July 7. Activities will also include two Independence Day runs in collaboration with the St. Louis Sports Commission, the 135th annual VP Parade themed “Parade Around the World,” air shows and more!
The Jacksons 2012 Unity Tour will make a stop in St Louis July 11 at Fox Theatre


Rock singer Fiona Apple heads to the Peabody Opera House July 14.

Ledisi will perform July 13 at the Pageant.
Eric Benet is also on the bill.

Rock group O.A.R. will perform at the Fox Theatre. July 19.

Grammy Award winning rock group Train performs at the Peabody Opera House July 29.

Seal is playing the Fox Theatre July 31.Macy Gray opens. 
Comedian/radio personality/game show host Steve Harvey will perform at Chaifetz Arena on July 27.


Grammy Award nominated rapper/singer Nicki Minaj will perform at the Peabody Opera House July 31.  

Zac Brown Band will perform Aug. 1 at Verizon Wireless Amphitheater.

Grammy Award winning country singer Lyle Lovett will perform Aug. 25 at the Peabody Opera House.


Phish will perform at the Chaifetz Arena Aug 28


BLIND PICZ. Who was the bald guy who was at Soho last weekend?

BLIND DISHZ. Which STL mover and shaker is planning a tour with a STL native recording artist?

HINT 1. The mover and shaker is a male

HINT 2. This male just had a big event recently

HINT 3. This person's last name is the same as a popular female comic that has a new talk show 

HINT 4. The recording artist is  a male 

HINT 5. This artist is part of a group

HINT 6. This artist's last name is the same as a popular film director 

PRO-MO-CIAL-ITES. (May 13-19)Which STL mover and shakers and socialites got it in this week?

(Socialite) Sande Stevenson. This young lady is doin it up on the small screen doing the traffic report on KMOV TV and the New Media with her very popular Socialite Sande fashion Vlog on YOU TUBE. She also continues her TV producing at her first gig with STL TV and was featured last week in an article by the St. Louis American and received an award from Sister Salute's inaugural awards event at The Millennium.

Gbassa D' Acosta. This promotion model, host and TV show creator/producer gets it in every Wednesday with her entertainment show Sexy In STL that airs at 10:30 p.m. CST on Charter Cable 3 and 10. It was also aired this Wednesday  at the Junkyard Bar and Grill. The show recently expanded to New York City with a spinoff  with SEXY IN NYC TV.

Phil Assets. This mover and shaker gets it in with special nites at Club Amnesia including Threesome Thursdays (this Thursday is an Oops performance) with this Thursday being a pre-party for the 2 Chainz concert  and with Loosecannon are promoting  2 Chainz; concert on Friday (May 18) at The Ambassador

Darryl Frierson. This event promoter turned aweard winning blogger is one third of the event group Freetime. He also is a co-host on the popular weekly podcast Straight Out of Lo Cash with comedian Jovan Bibbs and Freetime founder Theodore Simpson at and he was recently featured in Balck Enterprises’ as one of the Top 20 Black Bloggers in the magazines May issue for his popular blog Ashy to Classy.





Why did the African American lady get 20 years for violating the Stand your ground law? Why id a company sell Trayvin Martin gun range cardboards? Why are folks stealing The Beats by Dre headphones off teens heads? Why does it seem as though Newsweek with its Gay President cover  was trying to compete with the breastfeeding mom on the cover of Time magazine? Why is St Lousi downtown so dead after 5 p.m.? Why is there gonna be a reality show with Whitney Houston’s family?  And Why did Jennifer Hudsonand David Otunga go to Six Flags after the murder verdict? 

HAPPY STL TAURians and GEMINians BDAZEs. Track star Dawn Harper (PICTURED) , rapper Yung Ro,  businessman Sterling Moody, former entertainment reporter Bill Beene, event coordinator Glynnis Armstrong , jazz artist Readus Miller,  poet Stephanie Williams, fashion designer Wynette Jones, and event promoters Jackie Phillips, and Otto Nicols III


ADD:  Showbiz Kids Comedy Rampage
with Rain Pryor and Marc Price
 Comedy Etc. II in the Ramada Inn, off Illinois 159, near the Interstate 64 intersection
When: 8 p.m. Thursday and Friday and 8 and 10:15 p.m. Saturday
Tickets: $15 on Thursday and $17.50 on Friday and Saturday
Information: 618-628-4242

ADD; The Unity Ensemble Theatre presents EVERYTHING MUST CHANGE May 17-20 at the Ivory Theater, 7622 Michigan Ave. For showtimes and tickets  Call Afro World at 314.389.5194 or

ADD: The Annual Annie Malone Parade Committee will have a preview at  the Lash Loft (1624 Delmar) with a Fashion Show/Block Party and Festival TOMORROW (Fri., May 18) hosted by Majic 104.9’s Tammie Holland and featuring Sean Louis Designs, Coco Soul, WSMBC & DJ Cue. The Lash Loft party starts at 6 p.m.






FRIDAY MAY 18th, 2012




FOR TICKETS OR VIP TABLES CALL 3146011430 OR 3146802775

Grammy award winning Bonnie Raitt and Marc Cohn at Pageant May 18
Rapper 2 Chainz will perform at The Ambassador May 18

3 way Promotions presents the 3rd Annual Memphis in May Bus Trip  May 18-20


CONTACT- TAH 713-0926 


May 19 at 9:00pm
Twisted olive
5916 olive
Pointfest 30 will take place May 19 and 20 at Verizon Wireless Amphitheater.


R&B group Dru Hil will perform May 19 at the Ambassador

The 100 Black Men of Metro St. Louis present 2012 Casino Royale, with Special Host Tony Scott! This is an evening of casino games, food, drinks, prizes, and live music.  Tickets are $20.00 in advance and $25.00 at the door. Please contact our office @ (314) 367-7778 for details  La Perla Event Venue; 312 N. 8th Street; St. Louis, MO 63101

May 19 at the Ambassador






LivePoetsSociety x The Force x Lane4 Presents: STATE OF THE ART: Spoken Word Jam Session, May 20 at 7 p.m. at 2847 Cherokee St

This is a free event. FREE.



Twilight Tuesdays

Missouri History Museum

 Join us at the Missouri History Museum for Twilight Tuesdays through June 12th.  It all happens on the Front Lawn of the Missouri History Museum from 5:30pm-8:30pm.  Presented by Ameren UE.
  • May 22:    U V Hayes and Roland Johnson - Tribute to Oliver Sain
  • May 29:    Griffin and the Gargoyles
  • June 5:    Asia Lynn Bargé - The Diana Ross Experience
  • June 12:    Wendell Brown - Tribute to Luther Vandross
To learn more about the featured singers and groups at Twilight Tuesday, click here.

THE RETURN OF SIMPLE PLEASURES @ LOLA RESTAURANT & LOUNGE!!! That's right people, its back... Your favorite wine infused, live music, grown and sexy listen party is back!!!! 
To kick off the 2012 Spring/Summer events season we are very fortunate to be hosting MUHSINAH LIVE IN CONCERT on her "GONE TOUR 2012"... IF YOU'RE A FAN OF R&B, NEO-SOUL, & GREAT MUSIC!! THIS IS THE SPOT FOR YOU!!!
Thursday, May 17, 2012 from 9:00PM - 1:30PM @ LOLA (500 N. 14th Street, Saint Louis, MO.... Buy your $10 tickets in advance @



ADD: STL based fashionista Ola will have \model casting at Macy's South County from 12pm-3pm for all models ages 4 and up, male and female. For more info inbox her on Facebook at


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