Monday, January 23, 2012


Photos by Ma'atology

DJ Rayn talked over the logistics of the contest with the contestants (FROM LEFT) Shilinda Harris, Lesley Hunter and Tia Moore. Rayn is the creator of the monthly contest.

A bartender poured free Jack shots.

Rayn hyping the crowd

A waitress gave shots to some attendees

Rayn gave a shout out to the OUTCAM

Rayn talked it over with one of the judges of the contest.

The judges were Chiji Ogbuka, Jessica Koslow and Angie Laskach

Rayn at his DJ station

The crowd

Starting off the show was rapper Trenton P.

Rayn joined Trenton P during his performance

A back shot of Trenton P perofrming.

Tfrenton P held it down.

The contest was up next. The FIRST ROUND was bikini wear




Before the Second Round:

Rayn had chosen two guys from the crowd to do the Jamaican dance, Dollar Wind.

The two guys were gettin it !

SECIND ROUND: Cardinals jerseys and shorts




Before the third round:

Rayn chose some women in the crowd for a dance competition

This young lady was one of three he had chosen.

Rayn with the three dance contestants

Contestant #1

Contestant #2

Contestant #3

Just when Contestant #1 , who is standing next to Rayn, was about to be chosen, Contestant #3 done a back flip and won.

ROUND THREE: Jeans and Bra




Before the winner was announced, Rayn had chosen more dance off contestants

Rayn talking with Contestant #1

Rayn with all three contestants

Contetsant #1 shocked the crowd when he busted out some breakdancing

Contestant #3

The contetsants also did a Pick a Track segment where the contestants choose a number and Rayn choose a track for them to dance to. Those tracks were "Barbie Girl," "Like a Virgin," and "I Will Survive." The two contestants on the right won and then they did a dance off for the Jack Daniels scarf that Rayn was holding.

Contetsant #2 voguing

The dance off was to do their best MichaelJackson routine. Contestant #1

Contestant #2

Here was the winner

The next round was the contetsants meet and greeting the crowd for votes.

Tia with crowd

Shilinda and the crowd

Lesley with the crowd and smiling to the OUTCAM.

Tia in crowd

Shilinda and crowd

Harris, Hunter and Moore

Rayn at the turntable area with rapper Tenton P.

Hunter and Moore on the dance floor.

One of the judge sheets

Trenton P on the mic

Some of Trenton P's crew get on the mic.

One of the dance off contestants even flowed on the mic!

Rayn and the contestants. They were vying for $400, a free photo shoot and a makeover. However, seven other contestants didnt make it due to the inclementing weather, so Rayn split the cash between the three: 1st Place $200 and 2nd and 3rd Place split $100.

And the winner was:


Hunter came in 2nd and Moore came in 3rd . All the ladies were winners.


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  1. Great event, even tho the weather was crappy. The next one will be even bigger and better.