Monday, January 2, 2012


Photos by Ma'atology
There's YOURS TRULY, Ma'at Atkins, and fashion show producer Tan Hollywood posin up at the event. Check out the pic action below that popped off at this first night event.

These two young ladies assisted with the ticketing.

People gettin their gamble on at the the Black Jack table

This lovely reveler was all smiles at the event.

The dining area.

The glamazons: Cyndy Wilson, Tiffany Johnson and fashion designer Jill Marie Ross

It was deep with attendees

Can you spot Ola in this pic? LOL

....and they kept comin.

Attendees smile for the OUTCAM

There's Michelle Watson (in hat) entering the party.

A New Year's Eve reveler

More revelers


It was a good mix of folk there

DJ A.I. Brown spun the jams near the ceiling.

Co-promoter and hype host Dano Johnson of Helly Fly Promotions walked up the ladder to join Brown.

"I see you!"lol

Johnson gettin the crowd hyped.

Folk gettin their Black jack on.

More revelers in their party favors.

There's OUTTOWNERS' pick for Promoter of 2011 JoAnn Smith who will be relocating to L.A. in a few weeks.

Crowd shot

Stylist and venue co-owner Ola climbed the ladder to join Brown for a pic.

A pic of the crowd from the raptors.

Johnson and Ola take a pic.

There's Ola and her Sex and The City crew: Beth Chapman, Jennifer Turner Estes and Camille Burgess-Norman

Crowd shot

This couple gettin their groove on.

Ola and the SNTC Crew.

The SNTC crew smiles for the OUTCAM

A handsome couple at the event

Hmmm, this brotha stood out with his mitch match ensem.

The bar was packed for hours.

There's photographer Nicholas Powell looking dapper at the event.

Ola and Chapman

More folk entering the party

The bar area

Ola and event co-promoter Orlando Watson of Rockhouse Entertainment take a pic.

This brotha was the life of the party in his mitch matchiness.

The garden motif scenery

The bar area

LaGina (left) greets a friend.

Fashion show producer Felicia Mosley and friend

Party favors and drinks.

The bar area

Johnson and an attendee

Mosley and Ola

People at the second bar area.

Ola and an attendee

Fashion show producer Tan Hollywood and Ola

Cheryl Vanity W and Ola. Cheryl was wearing an Ola Style original.

The back of the dress.

Vanity W, Hollywood and Ola gettin their dance on.

THE COUNTDOWN--10....9....8...7.....6...5....4.....3......2.....1




Vanity W gettin a text from someone on her cell phone

Crowd shot

Partyin in the New Year!

NOTE: This event was lively and was giving out a cosmopolitan vibe with the mixture of ethnicities all partying under one roof. The gambling area was a nice touch as well. Folk were wowed when the detachable roof opened up but the expected balloon and confetti drop didnt happen unfortunately but it was still cool to see the roof "tear off". We speculate over 500 or so were there at a given time and from what one of the co-promoters said about 200 folk were sent away because of the over capacity (some were turned away for not obeying the dress code). Beside a brief scuffle from some hooligans who were quickly exited out, the event was well put together and one of the hot spots to celebrate the first day of 2012.

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