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as we take a break this week on STL TIDBITZ and get ready for the Fourth of July festivities (as well grip with the death of Michael Jackson), here are some small tidbitz that happened this week: Singer/songwriter India.Arie (ABOVE) did not be perform as a co-headliner with John Legend in concert yesterday (replaced by his younger brother Vaughn Anthony) due to illness under doctor’s orders.Elvis Costello (PICTURED RIGHT) was added as the special guest during the 2009 Major League Baseball All-Star Charity Concert starring Sheryl Crow July 11 under the Gateway Arch.

This weekend will be the start of Fair St. Louis(which was named 5th best fireworks in the U.S. by AOL Digital City. The story can be found here:
http://www.digitalcity.com/2009/06/22/booms-with-a-view-st-louis-and-boston/) starting with the Counting Crows on July 3.

100.3 The Beat’s Hypeman D Stone (PICTURED LEFT) was at the 2009 BET Awards Sunday in Hollywood and he interviewed BET Award winners Day26. (To listen to the interview go to

Controversial radio personality Onion Horton is back on the airwaves at WESL (1490 AM) from 6 am to 8 am.
The Harris Stowe event
A Night of Jazz Greats was just announced with legendary STL artists including Chuck Redd, Clark Terry and Denise Thimes August 29
The Wedge concert club and restaurant in South St. Louis closed shop.

MIA FILE. Socialite in hiding Lester Robinson’s real first name is Thurlester! LOL. We discovered this while we were on facebook and saw that he just joined as a member.

When we come back from hiatus next week, we will CAM OUT the following eventz below:

John Legend in concert at The Fox (pics by Erica Brooks (PICTURED)and Carlston Edwards)

The 100th B-day celebration of Katherine Dunham at SLU High School (Pictured Theo Jamison Dancers)

The 13 Black Katz Event at Exo

The Celebrity of Champions Charity Weekend with Rolland Williams (PICTURED)

Cerise Cohee, who did the publicty for Wiliams' event, took a pic with actor Las Alonso, one of the several celebs at the event.

Comedian Maurice G’s (PICTURED WITH SOCIALITE LAGINA) b-day party at Skybox was also goin on last weekend as well.


Meanwhile, below is a feature story on up and coming Missouri based hip-hop rapper Stevie Stone:


During the post-Nelly hip-hop era, the State of Missouri has had its share of hip hop rappers who made a name for themselves. The next big thing is slowly becoming a part of that rap pantheon. His name is Steve Stone. We met Stone while reporting backstage at the Big Beat Derrty DJ’s Summit at the Pageant in May right before he performed in front of a sold out crowd. Born in Columbia, Mo. This talented 25 year old (Who will be 26 later this month) rapwordsmith signed to the infamous rap label Ruthless Records (aka the House that Eazy E/NWA built). making waves with his debut CD, “ New Kid Commin”and the first single, “Wait a Minute.”

OUTTOWN talked with Stone in early June after one of his performances at the Pageant in Delmar loop with one of his CD producers Tech9.

OUTTOWN: So how did you get signed to Ruthless Records?

STONE: I did a showcase in the ATL (in 2006), the Billboard Hip Hop& R&B showcase and it was three RB groups and I was the only rap group. At the time I was recording and getting out here doing shows. When I was down there, she (Ruthless Records CEO Tomica Woods Wright) didn’t see me perform. She heard my first mixtape . It was in a bag full of CDs of all artists in the showcase and mine was in bag. She ran into my production company people, Fly Moves, with Ira Dewitt and chopped it up and Ira asked her who was she felling rite now she said me. When she talked to me, she said she liked my lingo and she ended up coming here a couple weeks later to STL to a private party at the Mandarin in late 07. Naughty By Nature performed and I performed. She liked it and told me she wanted to hear more stuff. She liked my swag. That Monday FLY MOVES sent her more songs. She loved it and she came down again to the STL to see me perform at Blueburry Hill and on the spot in the studio (Phat Budda) and was highly impressed. It was about paperwork after that.

OUTTOWN: What was going thru you head when you were about to get signed?
STONE: I’m the type of guy I don’t get too geeked on the first thing that come around. The second time I knew it was something. She (Tomica) told me she was digging it and I was honored and enthused about it.

OUTTOWN: How would you define your music, your style?
STONE: I’m across the board, you know what I’m sayin. I appeal to the streets, corporate, white and black folk I define myself as a musician, a lover of music and entertainer, songwriter, producer. High energy and melodic. Funk and blues. I grew up where my Mom listened to blues. You can’t put me in one category. My album (New Kid Commin) is gonna show people that.

OUTTOWN: Did Ms. Wright give you any advice or pointers after she sigend you to Ruthless?
STONE: She just told me to be me. She didn’t tell me what to write or what to do. She said she liked me. There was nothing she wanted to change about me and she said there is a lane for me. No restrictions. I had full creative control.

OUTTOWN: How many songs did you record for your first CD?
STONE: The album was pretty much done . But I felt my best was yet to come. Altogether I chose like 25 tracks. I’m like a lab rat, you know what I’m sayin. I record all day . I’m a kid in the industry as far as the industry is concerned and it came down to picking my songs. I had like 16 record I was in love with, the others ahhh. My next record will be better than my last record. You gotta do songs to find your grip, you know what I’m sayin. . We’re still leaking songs to MySpace and giving them away. I wouldn’t put the other songs on my second album cuz I’ve grown as a business man. I’m older. I’ve grown as a man.

OUTTOWN: So when are you starting on your second album?
STONE: I’ve already started on it. Its; coming out August of this year. I start my promo tour next month (July). I’m going to tour all the rounds in the Mideast region first. Then L.A. and New York

OUTTOWN: You’re first single, “Wait A Minute,” how did you come up with that joint?

STONE: I did that song after I got back from L.A. after I signed to Ruthless. It’s a real catchy type record. But it’s about what I’m saying in it. It’s a meaning. Its like I had to wait seven years to get to this point, Now this my time.

OUTTOWN: So it’s an autobiographical track.
STONE: Definitely. Stuff I went through. My hard work and dedication. Never got discovered. Never felt I wouldn’t make it, you know what I’m saying.. I remember something my Mom installed in me when I was young like, I know I’m gonna do it, it’s just when. And I didn’t expect it when it (my rap career) happened. I learned when you go hard, and don’t expect it that’s that’s when you get your blessings.

OUTTOWN: You worked with George Clinton on your CD.
STONE: Yeah, that was a blessing.

OUTTOWN: How did you work with him?
STONE: I did a track called “Red Wine,” a remake of his song “One Nation Under a groove,” and Clinton got my record from the chief engineers at Phat Buddha girlfriend’s brother is part of George Clinton’s management team. He gave him the CD without us knowing. He loved it and offered to hop on it. We had the deal, the budget to create the album, it was done. We got it cleared with the publishing, he gave us a friends and family rate. At the time, he was in Moscow on tour and he got the track and put his swag on it and sent it back.

OUTTOWN: Wow, that’s hot. Did you talk with George Clinton?
STONE: Not yet. He wanted to be actually in the video. I guess my voice, my swagger was in it. It wasn’t about the money with him. It wasn’t planned. That’s my mammas and aunties favorite song.

OUTTOWN: You are a PK (Preachers’ kid) and come form a musical family.
STONE: Yeah, I come from very musical family. My Mom played organ and piano. My Pop the piano. My sisters sing. I play the piano By ear. Like my pops. Play drums . Play guitar a bit. I love music. It’s not just me rapping. It’s me orchestrating music. It’s not just hip hop withme. My grooming and schooling is different from a lot of folk cuz of my parents and music I grew up around. I met my Pop when I was 10, when I used to visit him in Iowa.

OUTTOWN: Iowa? Wow, what was that like? Was it a culture shock?
STONE: It’s very country and slow. Nothin’ but cornfields and my pops. I would visit him and his wife during Xmases and summers and he took me to his church in Muscatine , a few miles from Iowa City, where he was pastoring and where all the blacks lived. It was at his church where he installed that balance, you know what I’m saying. Teaching me the Word. Two different worlds Iowa was church and when I went back to my Mom, you know what I’m sayin, she worked so I mostly hit the streets. Battle chuch kid and street kid

OUTTOWN: Did your Pop approve of your rapping?
STONE: Well, my Pop passed in ’03. Before he passed , he found out. I never told him. My brother musta told him and said that I was good. \He never did judge me, you know what I’m sayin. He was proud of me being happy and successful. He understood my environment and didn’t judge that. I cant say he didn’t approve of what I was doin but he approved anything positive I was doing. My mom she loves it.

OUTTOWN: When and how did you get to St. Louis?
STONE: Well, let’s see, I been in St. Louis for 6 years. How? I hooked up with Phat Buddha Studios. I was looking for a spot to record and while working with them that’s how I met Jane Higgins (Nelly’s former Public Relations Manager ) who was on her last leg of PR for entertainers. She said I gave her a breath of fresh air. I met her who introduced me to the St. Louis Rams. I already knew one of the players, Anthony Hargrove, that’s who stayed with. Jane loved my music and passion. She knew what I been through and thought I had really good music and put me on.

OUTTOWN: What projects did Higgins hook you up on?
STONE: I did a fight song and music video for Rams (in 2007) that helped me a lot. It was on the news. Bene on the news. The video took plays at Nelly’s partners’ spot Three and Jay Detail Shop and it was shown on the (Edward Jones Dome) Jumbotron

OUTTOWN: Your trademark is your call and response remark “Himmi Hyme” How you get that term?
STONE: In High school, on the bus, being silly, making people laugh. I started rapping “himmy hime!,” it’s a reaction, a call and response and I just made a meaning of it afterwards when people were asking me what it is. A song would come on they would remember the “Himmy,” The Call and “Hime,” The Response. It can be a person, place thing, adjective, verb. Master P said Uhhhhhhh. Now it’s part of my everyday life.

OUTTOWN: Whats your favorite food?
STONE: I’m a country boy. That’s hard. It’s more like a favorite meal like chicken, mac and cheese mash potations, green sand cornbread.

OUTTOWN: Hobbies?
STONE: I used to play video games but I haven’t played them in awhile. Basketball was my first passion. I read.

OUTTOWN: What was the last book you read?
STONE: Kevin Lyle, “ Make it Happen.”

OUTTOWN: Favorite car.
STONE: The Benzo 500. I like old school, like the 70s . I have a 76 Buick. I’m a Cady rite now.

OUTTOWN: Whats next for you?
STONE: I just did the Low Rider Magazine tour in Cali, getting ready to shoot another video, for “Midwest Explosion” with Tech9 up and coming.

OUTTOWN: Anything you wanna add?
STONE: My voice is for the Midwest, Kansas City, St.Louis. Columbia. The whole region. I worked with a wide range of producers and rappers like Tech9, Spade Rippa, Murphy Lee , touching every base I can. Himmie Hime!

For contact info, email at

To hear his track, "Wait a Minute" go to

BLIND BITZ. Which mover and shaker got a lap dance from a sista at Roland Williams’ Champions event at Exo last Saturday? (Hint. This mover and shaker was a former radio personality who used to co-host a “live”morning show and presides over an annual event that highlight STL Stars with an “in question” book.

Why did Sean Paul wear sneaks without shoelaces then said he hope we wouldn’t fall on the red carpet? Why was Pleasure P so out of breath when he performed at the Pre-BET Awards event? Why did P Diddy run out on stage during Day26’s performance? Why did Jamie Foxx mention Clarence Avant during his opening jokes? Why did Jamie say that his member was too big in his pants? Why did Zoe Saldana say that her co-presenter Nichelle Nichols was in the ladies room? Why weren’t any of the nominees mentioned in the award portion of the show (Only the Female Category was mentioned), Why was Keri Hilson trying to dance like Michael Jackson and tried to sing a capella after dancing heavily? Why did Neyo take his hat off? Why was Snoop on stage while Jamie Foxx was performing Blame It and didn’t rap? Why did T Pain wear a chain that read BIG ASS CHAIN? Why did T Pain bring a cup on stage when he won an award with Jamie and then said, “keep the Louis Vuiton comin?” Why did Chaka Khan look like Everlean the Bad Witch from the Wiz? Why did Terence of BET say that he needed church after what he did last nite? Why did Monica outsing Keyshia Cole on her won song? Why did Jamie hype up and make a big deal about Beyonce’s performance of Ave Maria? Why was Bey lookin like Tinkerbell singing Ave Maria? Why was Don Cornelius look like he was about to fall over during his looooooooooooooooong intro for the Ojays? Why did Eddie Levert forget he was on TV and said “shit” during their Lifetime Achievement Award? Why did Johnny Gill mention his memory of Michael Jackson was when he told Gill he liked what he was wearing at the 1983 Grammy Awards and mimicked Jacksons voice? Why was Bobby Brown sticking his tongue out to the crowd while he was performing with new Edition? Why did Ving Rhames not make sense with his character throwback of baby Boy? Why did Jamie said that he was moist and almost did a Prop 8 when he saw Maxwell sing? Why do we think the Shenene and Ugly Wanda trailer is gonna be an actual movie? Why did BET let Lil Wayne and Birdman sing songs with all those expletives? Why weren’t Diana Ross, Quincy Jones, Stevie Wonder, Usher, and Smokey Robinson at the show?

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