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Now in Year 2, we got a point and shoot for pics (March 2006) and we only posted 80 posts. We were more on posting ONE post every week. The following is what was happening during this time during one of our busiest wekends on our ONE year anniversary.

Last Thursday, I went to my buddy Christian Cofield’s 30th B-Day (PICTURED IS CAFE SOUL's COCO SOUL and COFIELD and COFFIELD WITH GUESTS MR. BRIAN, KEVIN JOHNSON, YOURS TRULY, AND JOEL KING ) get together (all of my friends I know have b-days in the Cancer cycle. Hmmmm). He had it had Bar Italia in the Central West End. I got there about 10 ish and all of his family, friends and colleagues were there to celebrate with Christiaan. It was fun and mostly talked and drank (I didn’t which was shocking). I mostly took cam shots for Christian’s album (like the two seen above of Christiaan and I and Christiaan and his his brothers).It was the first time I ever been to Bar Italia and it is definitely a place I wouldn’t mind returning to. The crowd is mixed and the club next to it (which was very teeny) is house, salsa and techno. It reminds me of Club 609 but more diversity, The great part about this spot is one of the First Friday guys was passing out yellow paper bracelets for people to enter the club part for FREE. That was an added bonus.In the house were: The Post’s Kevin Johnson, local socialite Jamie Spencer(Are you still sore? LOL) , Kameron Hopson, local theater director Joel King, Stuart Allen, local model Millecent (who was wearing that J-Lo top! Lookin like a sexy chocolate Cher from the 70s) , local singer/actress Coco Soul, local writer/hip-hopper WV Davis, KSDK’s Jeff Small. I also local music producer James Glasco (who I saw a lot this past weekend) getting his party on as well.

On Friday, I peeped out my boy comedian Jessie Taylor’s Soul Comedy Jam (that is Brother Taylor above in pic on stage) that was hosted by his 100.3 The Beat co-host Dee lee of the Dee Lee Morning Show. It took place at the Funny Bone located in Fairview Heights, Ill.(they had two shows Friday, Sat, and Sun) I went to the 8 p.m. show so I could roll over to Hipster Magazine’s Fly By Night club grand opening (I’ll get to that later).I got there about 7:45 and when I entered the hotel area to get to the Funny Bone, a beefy brotha who was asking people if they had reservations asked me if I had some and told him I was a guest of Jessie’s and asked if he was there. He wasn’t so, I waited in the lobby area in order to get access and take some pics for my blog. Around 8:15 I asked the bouncer (who was very flirty to the female workers there asking if they wanted to see his body!)if I was on the list and he had me to sit inside the club until Jessie got there. The comics showed up about 8:30. I saw Jessie and he gave me some dap. He had me and his pregnant girlfriend (who is 6 months and is a boy) to sit at the raised dais area to see the show in the back (which was cool).

Dee Lee started off the show with some funny bits about trying to jack off with a porno mag and having to turn the page to get finished. Then he brought Jessie on stage and he talked about subjects that I’ve heard him speak on before like how different white people and black people are when it comes to dogs like white people feed their dogs dog food and black people feed their dogs table food and wonder why their dogs can’t bark. That’s always a funny. The highlight was when Taylor brought a white guy on stage named Adam from Hillsboro and made him an honorary black guy making him “talk and walk black.” But Adam was a riot himself when he raised his shirt up to show his stomach and tried to raise Jessie’s shirt! (That was funny).

Next up was Cool Bubba Ice who was very animated in voice with all the sound effects he was doing (especially Chewbacca). His running joke on how older women (The Miss Johnsons) will take care of younger men by grocery shopping for them , have the man eat them out and give them money afterwards.

The featured comic Corey Holcomb was definitely off the chain (His T-shirt alone had a design of him slapping a woman in the face and the wording above it said DISCIPLINE). His comedy reminds me of Redd Foxx: blue, innuendo and thinking comedy. Some of his highlights were when he said therre was a blue book for the price value for hoes, how mistresses need to have Dec 26, the day after X-mas , as their holiday, so their married man can stay with their real families, slipping an abortion pill in a date’s drink and when a woman said to him as she was giving him head, “Your dyck tastes nasty.” Then he replied, “I guess so, cause I just had it in your azz.” OH MY GOD. I couldn’t believe some of the stuff he was saying (And he even acknowledged himself that he knew he was wrong for some of the stuff he was saying).But overall, the show was cool, raunchy and funny. Afterward, I was about to go to the grand opening of the club Fly By Night, the club with DJ Nappy Needles as the house dee-jay, on Lindell and Boyle, but it was the thuggish ruggish up in therre and decided not to and drove to the crib.


On Saturday, I had a chance to stand outside of Club Dreams on Washington and Compton to observe the goings on with the Three the Hard Way Party that was suppose to bring out all of the A-list black celebs including Nelly, Usher , Jermaine Dupri , Janet Jackson, Ashanti and so forth (I will get to all that later). You say why I was outside? Well, let’s just say that me, ONE PERSON, would have mad eteh event have TOO MUCH MEDIA to have access (I’m not going to get into this too much because my bandage has made my wound heal on this).

So anyway, I said, the show must go on and I decided to put on my best hip gear (a white Kangol , a sky blue suit, a white tee, white Hawaiian style necklace, and white pants--a pic of it above with my girl Jamelle thanks to Jacob of for the pic! ). I left the crib around 9:20 in order to get a good parking space pending the rush of people who were going to be there to gawk at the celebs that were scheduled to be there.I was driving on I-70 on the Popular Bridge and to my right was the fireworks extravaganza. I took my cam-munition out and tried to take a pic of it but it turned out to be like a flash of light race through the shot).

I got to Dreams around 9 :45 and parked near the club. It was about 20 or so people outside the front area waiting to get in. Now mind you people paid 30 bones for general admission and 100 bones for VIP (with free Patron all nite) just to get to this party based upon the hype of who was going to be thrre (And 104.1 radio personality Staci Static who was broadcasting from Dreams helped on the hype machine as well).I decided to drive around to see the other clubs nearby ( Dante’s and Loft ) to see if any thing was going on there (very little as expected). Then I called hollabackboi to see if he was coming through but said that he had a friend from out of town and they may go to Loft and skip the Dreams party.

Meanwhile, I drove to Bank of America ATM on Euclid to draw some cash out (luckily 10 bones was still in my account LOL) So, when I drove back to Club Dreams, I decided to park my car at a parking meter between Dreams and the Loft so I could have access to both if needed.So I walked up to Club Dreams and the intensity and chaos were mounting with people waiting to get inside, strict security rules form them and the car show that was brewing, police screaming at cars that were trying to stop and gawk up and down the street (It was like a car show from the hood with all of the souped up hoopties with 20s on the rims).The security were telling us who were taking snaps to stop, if we were weren’t in line we had to either go across the street or leave and overall too much drama to be dealing with.Around 11ish, the crowd was welling with people all around trying to get in (It was a No ID no access policy for those who wanted to purchase tickets or had tickets in advance). General admission tickets for on the spot were 50 bones (Man talk about getting your hustle on).

I walked across the street and stayed on the sidewalk to swallow all of the action that was happening. I called local photo man Carlston Edwards to see where he was (who was flashing for the American) and he said he was in the crowd and told him I was across the street. He walked up to me, shook my hand and rapped to me for a minute about the potential action that was about to happen. He talked for about 10 minutes (He got a call for Kevin Johnson who was on his way there) and walked back across where the people were.As I was standing there, a homeless guy tried to sell me a silver chain for 5 bones, 104. 1 radio personality Wendy Brown who was with her three girlfriends was stopping traffic (LITERALLY) wither hot pants outfit sporting her long legs. One truck full of guys stopped near the corner of Compton and asked who she was and she told them that she was Wendy Brown and they couldn’t believe it was her and asked for her ID .

The scene was very street and she handled herself well cause the scene could have turned into a proposition if you get what I mean. There also was this guy who had very long permed hair with shades and one of Wendy Brown’s girls asked him that he looked like Will.I. Am of the Black Eye peas and he commented, “You have the wrong band member.” Then she asked, “What is his name?” then he said, “I don’t know.” CLASSIC. Around midnite, I walked back across the street near the side of the club and ran into Jacob of He talked and he said that he didn’t get access and that they weren’t taking any more pictures (Which was incorrect but again, I’m not getting into why certain people were getting in and those who were not).

As we were talking, a sista was amongst the crowd selling VIP tickets fist for 90 bones then she said that when Usher and all of them come the price will be raised from 150 to 200 bones! What the hell is really going on here? Hood scalping at its very best and feeding people’s anxiousness to socialize with the celebs. Meanwhile I heard a car full of guys driving near me and the guy driving yelled, “Let us in man.” I said, “man, I can’t even get in myself. “ It was laid Lester Robinson, a local socialite who also works out at Bally in Clayton, of all people who I was surprised be that animated about anything.Also I was wondering when the celebs were coming cause it was after midnite and no one major really showed up. NOT A GOOD SIGN.

Around 1:15 in the morn, there were screams coming from the people who were still waiting to get in and it was Nelly coming out of a truck. He walked on the red carpet that was in front and took some pics and proceeded into the club. OK, the celebs you would think would have started comin soon after Nelly. NOT. At 2 in the morn, the security people announced that no more people were getting in (Later reports was that the crowd was over capacity).While Jacob and I were talking, we saw the police run into the club. Oh shyt, I said to myself. Someone is fighting up in there. And as predicted, someone did and it involved STL rapper Chingy and a bouncer in the club. About 20 minutes later, a bare chested (and well buffed) bouncer walk in front of the crowd talkin to people about what happened (Jacob even knew him they were gym buddies) The story went down like this: Chingy and his bodyguards (who all go to Bally as well BTW) wanted access to the stage area (which I hear was as packed as a box full of matches). The bouncer guy told him NO (OUCH talk about ego breaker). Then I guess theire thing was that Nelly was up on on stage and the bouncer said that Nelly’s people were already up there (and that it was his party). Then the bodyguard said, “Watch this.” The bodyguard forced himself up on stage and the bouncer trumped down on him. As a result, a melee ensued with Chingy’s bodyguards and the bouncer causing tables t to fly around and people to scatter. The bouncer also got hit with a beer bottle from one of the bodyguards causing the front right section of his head to bleed. I guess the bouncer must have lost not only some blood but his shirt cause he was shirtless when he came outside. And so that is the lowdown on that.

Afterward, Jacob took a shot of his head for lawsuit purposes (I hear that the bouncer is going to sue). As far as fault if I was judge? BOTH. The bouncer could have just given them access cause it wasn’t like Chingy is not known and the bodyguard didn’t have to force himself up there for the bouncer to even put his hands on him. What do y’all think? Email me and sound off . I will put your comments on a future blog.

Meanwhile a charter bus was driving in front fo the club as though there were celebs that were to be picked up. This was puzzling cause we didn’t see any come through the entrance and from my knowledge there’s no back door to the club, so that was a strange occurrence. Chingy left in a white car as a fan outside near the car took his picture as his driver drove off.As the bouncer was telling the story (who know had a shirt on at this time), her were many people, especially the ladies, were PISSED because of the no-shows of all of the celebs that was supposed to show up to the club (At least the So So Def mascot in costume danced on stage from what I hear. LOL) . Many of the females wanted to see Usher and their high heel shoes were indication most were stiletto high and were in their hands when the night was over ). Around 3in the morn, Jacob and I left the premises. Now from a good source, Janet Jackson and Jermaine Dupri were en route to come to the party but they got note from security that the atmosphere was too dangerous for them to come through. I’m sure that wont help in saying apologies to the many wh bought over 100 bones worth of tickets to get inside the club. Oh well.


On Sunday, I got access to Nelly’s Black and White Ball (Thats a pic of me in the shades and hollabackboi chillin therre ) that was held at the Contemporary Art Museum in the Grandel Square Center. Given by Synergy and funded by by Anheuser Busch, this party was an invite only and you had to wear black or white and in your fine-to-do’s. I got there about 8:30 and the area as like a Hollywood premiere with a black carpet (instead of a red carpet) out front, cameras ready to take shots and everything. I waited up on hollabackboi (who is now driving a special edition burnt orange Hummer these days) when he valet parked (which was FREE BTW) in order to get to the party. Our names were on the list and a young lady from the St. Louis Post Dispatch was the first to take our pics and asked us our names, where we were from and what we were wearing (I told her I wore International Male–hollaback wore Gucci).I had on a black opera coat, black pants with slits and cowry shells on the side, and a bright white and black tie. (Of course I got many comparisons to the Matrix (thanks to Rob Desir and Darius Bradford LOL) –the same coat I wore for the regional Emmys last year) Before we could enter, hollbackboi had to button up his short cause they didnt allow shirts open (it was black tie for real) , so I had t wait in order for him for that. Anyway, while walking in and onto the black carpet, there was a plethora of camera people taking our picture (One was good friend Darnell Singleton) .

I felt like a movie star for real and didnt know how to deal with all that attention.While inside, there was a lady who took our picture and surprised us with it. She took another picture that didnt make us look too startled. While inside, the ballers and VIPs all were mingling about while looking at the art work. The invited celebs were not there yet but I knew that this was definitely the event to be attending. As the crowd swole up, the local VIPS that I recognized were coming inside the museum. I got my drink (which were FREE) and proceeded to see who was therre. The first one who I saw was Black Rep Fonder Ron Himes who was therre with Debra Denham. We fellowshipped breifly as he went on . Hollaback boi saw some of his church members next to the stage and we talked for a minute. As we were talking, the waitress brought over some swanky appetizers (sushi, shrimp cream puffs,etc) and sat them on the table.Then we got word that the area we were standing was going to be for the celebs who were planning to be therre (I asked one of the bodyguards and he just nodded when I asked him does he know the celebs that supposed to be in the area) and suddenly we were whisked away from the area so some “velvet ropes” can be therre (I’LL talk about that later).

As the dee-jay spun old school R&B, I saw Evander Holyfield (PICTURED) in the building conversing with the crowd. That was a good sign of what was to come. A few of the St.Lunatics (except for Murphy Lee) were also in the building including Slo Down and Kyjuan . The local VIPS that I saw around this time were Jamelle (who was wearing to death that strapless ruffled black gown), City 10's Antwone, Fox 2's Rob Desir, KSDK ‘s Corell Whitlock, Fox 2's Bonita Kornute, Nelly’s manager T-Luv, AB’s Johnnie Furr, Equaal’s Arnold Donald, and local singer Steve White.It was now going on 9ish and the party people just kept coming in. Next up I saw restauranteur Patrick Steptoe, Sarah Thompson, Virvus Jones, local comedian Darius Bradford, fashion designer Skylar, Hipster’s Keenan Harris, KSDK’s Jeff Small, Fisrt Friday co-creator Harry Michel, dance legend Judy Best, hip-hop star J Nicks, 104.1 radio personality Staci Static, business tycoon Ricky Arceneaux, and former American Gladiator Saber (who looked big and out of shape!). He walked passed us earlier and I asked hollaback, isn’t that Saber ?And we were both shocked at how CORNFED big he has become (Check out Mortal Kombat the movie and you will know what I’m talkin about.)

Around 10ish, I saw comedian D.L Hughley socializing and taking pictures with his fans. I also saw Fox 2’s April Simpson and Freeman Bosley Junior (I’ll try and call your show, too) But it was during the 11oclock hour was when things began to become a Hollywood party when Nelly and his A-listers walked to the party from the back area. (I knew something was up when I saw all kind of security trying to direct people traffic up in therre).

In comes Ashanti (seen in pic with boyfriend Nelly) ,

Jermaine Dupri and his love Janet Jackson (seen in pic ) ! THE JANET JACKSON. Oh my God, you should have heard the squeals and shouts when it was discovered that she was in the building. She and Jermaine were holding hands and they took a brief tour of the paintings that were hung on the wall in the back area of the VIP section (It was cute seeing them together cause both of them are short and she is taller than JD!)

Nelly came up on stage to welcome everyone for coming and all and the actual performance part of the show was to begin (One of the many refrains throughout the night was...And Janet is here.) Meanwhile, ESL b-ball star Darrius Miles was in VIP chillin with the ladies up in there and boxing promoter Don King also made an appearance (later on Allen Iverson and his crew came up in there. He had on Mork from Ork shades with a black top hat on top of a white doo-rag. A member of the group Jagged Edge was also there (one of the dark skinned guys). St. Lunatic Ali and his model wife Allison crossed the front of us to go into the VIP section as well (but left soon after to get a bite to eat)Darrius Bradford got on stage as the host and tried to say a few jokes (and I do mean a few).

Me and hollaback was fortunate to have stayed near the ViP area cause when the performance section of the party began, we were in front. Bradford gave me a high five from the stage and asked me wherr I was from and I told him, Belleville. I was like, okay here we go with the joke, but his comeback line was, Anyone else from Belleville?” It was a couple of people who raised their hands and we all actually toasted each other for being from Belleville.He must have been nervous cause he wasn’t his usual self as far as being ghettofab with his comedy.I think the mixed crowd and bougieness of the crowd intimidated him.

But things started to get better when D.L Hughley got on stage and had his way with crowd His first joke was talkin about how the crowd was mixed and that we were going to separate after the party is over. Then he did what he does best–talkin about people in the audience (Luckily he just said what’s up to me). He brought on a few people on stage including a white guy who was wearing sandals with his suit. Hughley said that he had on Jesus shoes (He also said Janet Jackson was there) . FUNNY.Then there was a very sexy white lady in a white tight shirt dress who got on stage and DJL asked her who did she come with and she pointed to the guy with Jesus shoes and another white guy (who looked like he was straight from modeling in Milan) and she said that she came with her two gay friends. Ooops. Can we say Outed? . DL couldn’t help but to laugh at that as far as her outing her friends in front of everybody (I was cutting my eye over at the VIP section and saw that Janet was laughing). Then, hollback boi was told to come up on stage and DL was like, “You better come up here. Don’t let me come down therre.” So he got up therre and DL said “ladies and gentlemen, “Montel Williams.”So as DL was talking to Curtis about what he did for a living he kept talking about hollaback’s tight shirt. It was a funny moment but he kept his cool and looked very much like a celeb up there. DL talked to a few other people (Even hooked up one sista with a possible scholarship through his doing!)

Then it was time for the band, Houston-based Scott Gertner Band (They were a tight R&B band with a white guy who could put any black male singer to shame!) As people partied, people were gazing inside VIP where the stars were like, as Kevin Johnson put it, “we were at the zoo.” Looking at the stars as though they were on TV. It was not a cute set-up. I didn’t like the fact that the stars were separated from the regular folks. I mean, we all were VIP that night and why did STL had to pull this at a private function? Ya feel me? Anyway, as people got their party on, all fo a sudden a bunch of black and silver confetti came down from the ceiling onto the party people. It was very New Year’s up in there for a minute and was a nice touch for the night.\

Around midnite, Nelly got back up on stage with Darius to say that the After Party was at Nectar Lounge .(Darius said who said one funny thing up there after Nelly;s announcement when he said that we all needed to put on another stick of deodorant on, go to Walgreens somewherr and pick up a stick.) And USHER did not show up at this event either (I hear he was traveling).After it was over and people were mingling outside, hollaback got his Hummer from valet and I drove on eth passenger side to see how the crowd was at Nectar and of course it was packed. We decided not to go in and he took me back to my vehicle. I did hear that at the after party, Nelly and Jermaine Dupri performed and the dee-jay debuted the new single from STL rapper J-Kwon produced by Nellys bodyguard, Big B. Ashanti was also there and so was Allen Iverson who all were chillin at the adjoining club Pepper Lounge in the VIP section (No, Janet was not there!) . I hear that Nelly was going to have this ball as an annual thing. I think that’s good. STL needs to have some Hollywood stuff going on here and Nelly is definitely the person to do it.

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