Tuesday, August 2, 2011


Photos by Natasha Atkins

Below is a raw recap of Sade’s Live Tour ( as sent by my sis, Natasha Atkins who attended) that stopped at the Scott Trade Center in St Louis last Thursday

We arrived late an John Legend was on stage.. He was wearing cream vest and pants with a white tight shirt..well groomed like always.. He had the crowd hype when he song(sang) " I'm ready to go rite now" we only caught like 30minutes of John legend and he was off stage at 837pm.

Sade’s picture(om stage) was large an big to the audience until she was getting ready. she came out at 917.. first song "soldier of love" the crowd went crazy.. Sade was wearing all black an with black heel and her signature ponytail..she dance(d) an doing her lil two step. then after the first song was over she was talking about her come back (saying) thank you to the crowd for welcoming her back.

the next song she song "your love is kind"(sic) with the same out fit on..the next song "Color of life"(“Kiss of Life”) almost all her songs she sang they played her video in the back of her. Almost every song was performed they had pretty effects.

Then after the color of life song she changed an came back had different shoes on "low" flat black shoes so she can skip an dance a lil. It was a song called Boom a Boom song(“Love is Found”) and she was dancing an doing her(thing). another slow song and she was sitting with the man that was playing the organ.. the was "in a matter of time"(“In Another Time”)

she left the stage at 948 and came out sing "Smooth Operator" with a white shirt on like a version of a male tux but for ladies and then during her performance she got on the ground an bowed to the guitarist. the next song "Jazzabell"(“Jezebel”) she was sitting on the edge of the stage(to) sing that song. then left back off the stage and her backup singers keep the crowd hype.

another slow song she sang(“Bring Me Home”) an dont no but when she came out her hair was down in curls and with a off white silky gown with a rode bra showing an plus she was bare footed.. she sang a song "King of Sorrows" then she sang "Sweetest Tabu" and she was getting her an a couple of people in her group doing a dance routine.

and another song called "The reason Y"(????) an then "lover rock" and then another slow song something about hurt like brand new shoes..lol (“Pearls”) and then "No ordinary love"..we left but she was singing another song..

oh for got she sang Stronger than Pride like the middle of the concert.

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