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This week we feature The Emotions

The Emotions are an American all female soul and R&B singing group. The group was formed in its current hometown of Chicago, Illinois originally consisting of three Hutchinson sisters, Pamela, Sheila and Wanda (later Jeanette).

As soon as the girls could talk, he began teaching them music skills, and had them practice in the basement of their home on the south side of Chicago. When Sheila, the youngest, was five years old, they began singing in church choirs and were known as the Hutchinson Sunbeams.

In 1968, the girls changed their name to The Emotions, and released their first album,So I Can Love You, the following year. The album's title track, written by Sheila, was a minor hit single, as was "The Best Part Of A Love Affair". In 1969 the girls were asked to be part of a summer outdoor concert in Rochester NY. The group caught the eye of the host of the concerts, Herb Hamlett the powerful soul DJ of WCMF FM. Father Joe was the group's guitarist and formed a friendship with Hamlett, that brought the group bookings and headliners in New York State.

During their Stax years, they were produced by Isaac Hayes and David Porter. By 1976 and theFlowers album, they had left Stax. Flowers included the hits "Flowers" and "I Don't Wanna Lose Your Love"

Their association with Maurice White of Earth, Wind & Fire brought them their greatest success. With White's assistance, The Emotions released the albums Rejoice and Sunbeam in 1977 and 1978. Maurice White-co-produced with Clarence McDonald the single "Best Of My Love" which spent five weeks at number one on the US pop chart in 1977. The following year, the single landed the group a  Grammy Award for Best R&B Duo, Group or Chorus.

In collaboration with Earth, Wind & Fire the group scored big with the Grammy Award winning single, "Boogie Wonderland", which was a top ten hit in 1979. The group continued to record together during the 1980s, and were signed briefly with Motown Records. Their last recording to date was 1996'sThe Emotions Live released on their own record label Sunbeam Records.

On Thursday, July 12, OUTTOWN will spinoff to a new blog called OUTSTAGN, giving a stage (or platform) to mover and shakers in the arts and entertainment in the STL area (and “out of town”) by ways of interviews and features. It also will focus on recaps and reviews of fashion and style as seen at red carpeted, regular club events, and fashion shows. Lastly, in our theme of stages, we will review live theater, and concerts.
It will be compiled at random.

And don’t worry, we will still have the OUTTOWN faves such as BLIND DISHZ, BLIND PICZ, PROMOCIALITES, BDAZEs and EVENTZ that will likely post every Thursday as UPSTAGE BITZ, but  the weekly compilations of top stories in the Midwest will be eliminated.

It's that time gents for Mista Couture. We are seeking gents with style and ladies with fashion flair to be escorts for the gents. If your interested in being a contestant or escort, email before July 1, 2012 for details!


The Miami Heat won Tuesday at AmericanAirlines Arena in Game 5 of the NBA finals 104-98 over Oklahoma City Thunder moving to a 3-1 series lead,

The Heat held on from there, completing the largest comeback in franchise playoff history, from 17 down early. The Heat’s final run — the one that it might look back on as the most important of the season — came after an 11-2 run by the Thunder that gave it a 94-92 lead.

A  Chris Bosh layup, Lebron James three-pointer and Chicago native Dwayne Wade (PICTURED with Oklahoma’s Russell Westbrook) basket in the paint gave the Heat a 99-94 lead with 2:18 remaining.
With James and Wade (25 points) giving their typical efforts, the third member of the Big Three on this night was Mario Chalmers.

Miami can seal up the series Thursday in the same arena.

It looks like The Heat is about to win its second NBA Title, an silence critics who despise Lebron James and his pompousness when he left Cleveland.

In unrelated Dwayne Wade news,  attorneys for Wade are seeking to suspend his former wife's visitation rights following her arrest last Saturday after allegedly refusing to return the children to Wade's sister for several hours.
The star Miami Heat guard won sole custody of his two sons last year after a long and contentious fight in Cook County Circuit Court.
The two boys - aged 10 and 5 - were supposed to be picked up from Siohvaughn Funches-Wade's South Holland residence Saturday afternoon by Wade's sister so they could catch a flight to Miami to be with their father for Father's Day, but Wade's sister got no answer at the gate, according to an emergency motion filed in court.

Attorneys for Wade alleged his former wife barricaded herself in the home for several hours, refusing to let Wade's sister in or the boys out.
By then, sheriff's police officers were reportedly  called to the home and were unable to get Funches-Wade to respond to their knocks on the door or calls,said department spokesman Frank Bilecki. Police gained access to a neighbor's residence, enabling officers to see that the two children were playing with two adults, he said.
When Funches-Wade later exited her house without the children, police reportedly attempted to arrest her for allegedly violating a court order, but she resisted. She struggled with officers who tried to handcuff her and tried to moved back behind her home's security fence.
As officers reportedly succeeded in handcuffing her, Funches-Wade said she was asthmatic and short of breath.An ambulance was called and she was transported to St. Margaret Mary Hospital in Hammond.
Funches-Wade was reportedly charged with two counts of attempted child abduction, two counts of unlawful visitation interference and one account of resisting arrest. The friend who tried to assist her was also charged.
Funches-Wade was reportedly released Monday after posting $10,000 bond, the sheriff's department said.
The boys ended up missing their commercial flight, causing Wade to charter a flight at great expense for them Saturday evening so they could be with him on Father's Day, his attorneys said.
This is ugly and wrong on Wade’s ex. She should have sent her boys to Wade’s sister. We think she was being spiteful because of Wade’s association and relations with actress Gabrielle Union. With the added baby mama drama with Chris Bosch, The Heat has been getting a lot of heat beyond the court!

The Oprah Winfrey Network unveiled part one of a two-part sit-down Sunday with America's most over-exposed family, The Kardashians on Oprah's Next Chapter.
The show brought a significant boost to OWN -- even up against this week's heavy competition from the broadcast network's NFL and PGA coverage and scripted cable finales. The 8 p.m. broadcast of Oprah's Next Chapterbrought in 1.1 million viewers, making it one of the top broadcasts in the series' six-month tenure on the network. Previous highs came from Winfrey's sit-downs with Steven Tyler in the series premiere (1.1 million), pastor Joel Osteen (1.6 million) and a record-breaking exclusive with the family of late singer Whitney Houston (3.5 million).
 On part one, it was a family affair to talk about: their family and their rise to seeming superstardom;
During her one-on-one, Oprah made sure to ask the question everyone was sidestepping: Do you think you're famous because of the sex tape? Kim chose her words very carefully, saying, ""You know, I think that's how I was definitely [introduced to] the world, I am... not naive to that fact,"" but that ""it was a negative way [to be discovered], so I feel like I had to work 10 times harder for people to see the real me."" She goes on to explain her regrets about the tape, explaining, ""I felt humiliated,"" and that she would ""have to live with it for the rest of my life and explain it to my children one day. Can you imagine that conversation?"" ('Um, nope; definitely not.)
She went on to say, ""If I had the information and knew better, I would've done better. But I didn't."" The dipping of toes into the celebrity tide pool does not come with an instruction manual. That much is certain.
Khloe was very frank: She admitted that the family's collective attractiveness ""didn't hurt"" their getting a TV show, as well as their antics.
But Oprah pushed further, saying later to Kim that the show ""feels self-centered and selfish; do you get that that's what's being presented?"" Kim managed to avoid the question and say nothing: ""As time goes on, people will definitely see different sides of all of us. The show does do a good job; [the fans] really get our personalities.""
At another point, Kourtney says the show is ""honest"" because they don't know how to act any other way. The show also included a segment with matriarch/manager Kris Jenner that was generally so-so, but did have a few interesting takeaways. She believes that the root of the family's success lies in her children's ability to share their feelings: ""The kids love and fight really hard,"" going on to call it ""a perfect storm.""
She later admitted that the show was originally a way to drive traffic to their chain of Dash Boutiques, and modeled after The Osbournes. There was also discussion of O.J. Simpson and his infamous trial (Kris' ex-husband Rob Kardashian Sr. was apart of the legal team), mentioning that everyone in the family (the Simpsons and the Kardashians were at a time quite close) had their doubts about O.J.'s innocence.
The interview also included talk of the so-not-talked-about-enough 72-day marriage of Kim to basket-baller Kris Humphries, and how she still hopes to have her fairytale life. There was some discussion about personal growth, maturity, and learning from life experiences. There were no details beyond, ""It was small things or little things"" — Kim wasn't so keen when Oprah said, ""People don't just leave for little things though, Kim!"" Touchy, touchy!
A second installment of Next Chapter at 9 p.m., the conclusion of a two-part interview with Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson, pulled in 718,000 total viewers and a .68 rating among women 25-54.
It seemed as though the interview was a win-win for both Oprah and The Kardashians—ratings for Oprah and more publicity for the Kardashians’ reality show and brand. We wonder how the pre interview went as far as what the Kardashians would say because you know they did that. But I must say, real talk, if it wasn’t for Ray J’s penis, the Kardashians would not have a career so Kim K wouldn’t have to be embarrassed of the sex tape if it didn’t leak on the net. OKAY????

The First Couple, President and First Lady Obama attended a much-promoted fundraiser in Manhattan last Thursday night at the home of actress Sarah Jessica Parker and raised a whopping $2million at the event.

50 guests attended the $40,000-per-person event including actress Meryl Streep, Michael Kors , Aretha Franklin, Solange Knowles and St louis native Andy Cohen were there, dressed to the nines and ready to hit up SJP’s newly decorated four-storey West Village apartment in New York

And Mr President  appeared to feel at home as he went straight into his opening speech with a Sex and The City joke, being at Carrie’s house and all (which incidentally more than resembles Carrie Bradshaw’s actual flat from the outside – weird, no?). Joking about his fundraising schedule, he told the packed room that he would put it in SATC terms – that tonight was his ‘date night’ with First Lady Michelle Obama.
As she greeted Mr O with a ‘hug and kiss’, Parker wowed her guests in a navy lace cocktail dress, a jewel-studded necklace and mahoosive diamond

 A handful of protesters were also seen outside SJP's home last night, displaying placards reading 'The Devil Wears Prada And Supports Obama'. 

Hmm, interesting that it was Sarah Jessica Parker was the one who gave the fundraiser, of all people. Who knew she was an elbower with The Obamas? 

Chitown reared rapper Kanye West and Jay-Z have made a game of playing their Watch the Throne hit "Ni**as in Paris" several times in a row on their tour in support of the album, and last weekend they broke their own record by performing the song a whopping 12 times in a row in Paris. This is not only a new benchmark for the rap duo, but also – at least according to Jay-Z – a new record for the most consecutive performances of a song in a concert in general.

In unrelated Ye newz,  it's been announced that Kanye West's G.O.O.D. Music   crew was performing on BET Awards July 1. West’s name wasn't dropped in the report, but it is hard to imagine that Yeezy would miss out on some major camera time. 'Ye actually leads all nominees with seven nods. including two in the Video of the Year category; he also has an upcoming label compilation,Cruel Summer, to promote.

St Louis native actor Jon Hamm is about to sign on to play Larry David’s nemesis in the still being worked out improv film David is set to shoot this fall. The film, without a title, will star David as a Larry David like character–but with a different name. He’ll get into the same kind of situations as Larry David on “Curb Your Enthusiasm.” Greg Mottola is directing, and the “script-ment”–a script-slash-treatment–is being worked up by David and his “Curb” and “Seinfeld” writers. Fox Searchlight will distribute
TV Land aired  the pilot for the sitcomThe Soul Man starring St Louis bred comic Cedric The Enteratiner, Niecy Nash and Wesley Johnathan. The show is set in St Louis and Cedric made an emphasis to have many references to St Louis.
His character The Rev. Ballantine's family's ivy-covered brick home is large  and is a real house in the Central West End in St Louis. That's the exterior; interiors are sets on a soundstage in Los Angeles.
In the first episode, in which St. Louis isn't mentioned by name, Bryce is introduced as a big sports fan and wears both a "Missouri Basketball" shirt and a "Mizzou 1" jersey.
 Cedric's sister, Sharita Kyles Wilson, teaches communications at Mizzou, and St. Louisans can expect more local logos, including those from St. Louis University and Washington University.
"And the Rams and the Cardinals, of course," Cedric says, "although getting the approval of the professional teams takes a little more."
The aim is to make the setting authentic, Cedric says.
"We'll mention some landmarks," he says. "Streets. Food places - London and Sons wings, C&K barbecue, that kind of thing. And the Arch has come up."."
TV Land ordered 12 episodes of "The Soul Man," co-created with Suzanne Martin of "Hot in Cleveland," and will pair it with Season 2 of "The Exes."
The series shoots before a live audience in Los Angeles
Chicago actress/singer Jennifer Hudson has just announced that she’ll hawk fashions for QVC beginning this fall, according to Women’s Wear Daily.
The 30-year-old Oscar and Grammy Award winner will debut her eponymous collection for the home shopping network in September for women of all shapes and sizes, E! reports.
"I feel like I represent every woman," she's said of her new product line, which will be available in sizes 6 through 16. "I've been on both sides of the fence. I've been a big girl and now whatever this is, the average size, whatever you want to call it. But I wanted the clothes to be where any girl could wear it- no matter what size you are - and you could feel comfortable in it
Plainfield, Ill native actress Melissa McCarthy is currently in Atlanta filming “Identity Theft” and  is already making onlookers burst at the seams. McCarthy, who has been paired with Jason Bateman for the flick, was almost unrecognizable in teased hair and a hilariously-styled floral ensemble. Identity Theft tells the story of a man, played by Bateman, who has his identity stolen by a woman, McCarthy. The cast began filming in Atlanta in April, and soon after the actress began turning heads with her character's kooky style.  The film is slated for release in 2013. 

St Louis Cardinals legend Lou Brock celebrated his 73rd birthday this week.

Chicago native film critic Roger Ebert celebrated his 70th birthday this week

East St Louis native Olympic athlete Al Joyner daughter, Mary Joyner competed in and advanced to the Las Vegas  on “America’s Got Talent.” The 21-year-old, who was 7 when her mom, Florence Griffith Joyner,  died, told the judges her “lifelong dream” is to be a singer.

Performing Sara Bareilles‘ “Gravity,” Joyner impressed with her silky smooth voice, bringing many in the audience to tears – including her dad, who watched from the side of the stage.

“I think we just fell in love with you,” Howie Mandell told her.

Added Howard Stern, “You had me in 30 seconds.”

ADD:The Style Network debuted Chicagolicious, two weeks ago--a docu-soap spin off of the hit series Jerseylicious that airs on Sundays. It takes viewers to the Windy City to follow AJ Johnson who owns AJ’s of Chicago, and whose clientele includes a who’s who of actors and models, including Chitown native Jennifer Hudson, Angela Bassett and Iman. With his staff of hair stylists and makeup artists, AJ looks to expand his business nationally by servicing more elite clientele and solidifying his place in Chicago society. 

The Travel Channel's Adam Richman singled out St Louis based Crown Candy Café  BLT to compete as a contender for “Best Sandwich in America” . The brackets-style competition pits regional favorites against one another. In the episode airing at 8 p.m. Wednesday, Crown Candy's "Heart-Stopping BLT," as it's billed, competes with two sandwiches from Chicago.


According to, The St. Louis Rams and the city Convention and Visitors Commission (CVC) will head to arbitration to try to resolve their competing visions for renovations to the Edward Jones Dome. On Thursday, the CVC needed fewer than 30 minutes to vote to go to arbitration, according to the St. Louis Post-Dispatch.

According to the team's lease on the facility, the Dome must be considered among the "first tier" of NFL stadiums by 2015. If it is not, the Rams can opt out of their lease, which binds them through 2025. This spring, the CVC presented the Rams with a $124 million plan to spruce up the Dome. The Rams rejected that proposal and countered with their own plan, estimated to cost around $700 million.

The two sides had until June 15 to negotiate a deal before sending the matter to arbitration. With a difference of nearly $600 million, the factions had a considerable gap to bridge, and it was widely expected that the matter would go to arbitration.

A panel of three arbitrators will hear each side's case. The panel can rule in favor of one side or the other, but a more likely outcome would be a reconciled vision for the Dome, meeting each side somewhere between their $124 million and $700 million price points

The deadline for arbitration is the end of 2012. Following that, the CVC has 60 days to decide whether to accept the arbitrators' plan. If the city bureau accepts it, the Rams would be locked into their lease for the full term. Any plan bridging the gap would likely require more public dollars than now go to the Dome. City officials have said in the past that any increases in public revenue would require public approval.

We think that The Rams are leaving after 2015. We can’t see Rams owner Stan Kroenke chipping in all of the money of the 700 million nor see the public flipping the bill.

According to the Belleville News Democrat, East St Louis’ nightclub hours could have earlier closing times based on some new research that City Council members have done.
The vote Thursday was 3-2 in favor of changing the hours for the city's liquor-selling establishments.
The three council members who voted for the change, Delbert Marion, Emeka Jackson-Hicks and Roy Mosley Sr., said Monday that they have learned that a simple majority vote was needed to change the city's ordinance, which they had.
But at Thursday's City Council meeting, Mayor Alvin L. Parks Jr. held up a folded white sheet of paper and said the city's attorney had given him the note saying four votes were needed to change the city's ordinance because the clubs had paid licensing fees based upon their closing times.
Marion said, "Mayor Parks attempted to pull a fast one on the City Council in last Thursday's meeting by coming up with a decision that a super majority vote was needed to change the club's hours of operation."
Four votes are needed for land transfers and on budgetary amendments, he and Council woman Emeka Jackson-Hicks said.
"Alvin Parks again puts his foot in his mouth by trying to interject into the council some slick political moves to further whatever," Marion said.
Jackson-Hicks introduced legislation that will close the liquor-selling establishments at 2 a.m. on weekdays and 3 a.m. on weekends.
If it passes, we think folk will just drink earlier and do what they were gonna do at 6 a..m. or clubbers will go to Washington Park, Brooklyn, or Sauget to continue their partying after the 3 am closing time.

Recently, KMOX Radio announced it will leave its longtime home, One Memorial Drive, and move its studios to another prominent building in downtown St. Louis by the end of the year.
CBS Radio is reportedly consolidating its three local stations — KMOX, KYKY (Y98) and KEZK (Fresh 102.5) — at the historic Park Pacific building at Tucker Blvd. and Olive St.
KMOX has been located at the Gateway Tower at One Memorial Drive since 1968. CBS will retain ownership of the property, using it for storage and back-up facilities.
KMOX will move by the close of 2012, when its lease expires, while the music stations will move during the first quarter of 2013.

This week was the 10th year anniversary of the death of  St Louis Cardinals broadcaster Jack Buck. He  died after a battle with Parkinson's Disease and left behind a legend that lives on with the Cardinals organization and fans.Buck had eight children (including his son, sports broadcaster Joe Buck and TV journalists Christine and Dan) and a loving wife, Carole.
Buck is best known for his call of the infamous Ozzie Smith home run to end the 1985 National League Championship Series.
“Go Crazy, folks! Go crazy!”
His death in 2002 sparked a memorial outside of Busch Stadium with fans leaving their testaments to an icon of multiple generations.  Before baseball resumed in St. Louis, a memorial service was held at the stadium. Thousands of fans passed his coffin to saythank you to a special man that most of them never met.

The St Louis Blues were well represented in a televised (NBC Sports Network) awards show held in Las Vegas Wednesday. In addition to Hitchcock, Blues executive Doug Armstrong captured the NHL General Manager of the Year Award, while goaltenders Brian Elliott and Jarsoslav Halak accepted the William M. Jennings Trophy for the fewest goals allowed. Also, defenseman Alex Pietrangelo was named to the second-team postseason all-star team.


Union Station, the historic landmark and financially struggling retail center in downtown St. Louis, may soon be in new hands.
According to a report on, after a lengthy bidding process, the current owners Lodging Hospitality Management are reportedly nearing completion of the sale of Union Station to a development group Chesterfield-based THF Realty that promises to reinvigorate the tourist attraction.with public help. THF's chairman and owner is Stan Kroenke, the owner of the St. Louis Rams.
The project would encompass a $50 million renovation of the existing hotel, areas beneath the train shed and parking lots, according to a source with knowledge of the proposal. The sale is under contract, pending final details to be worked out over the next few months.

Ahhh, The Kron is about to takeover Union Station. Wonder if he will wheel abd deal like he’s been dealing with The Rams as far as having the public end up flipping most of the deal—its likely. The private owned Union Station is a far cry from the millions of renovations as compared to the city owned Edward Jones Dome.  And who’s to day Kroenke will keep Union Station the way it is. We hope the history factor will keep it from being Kroenke Station.

The judging for the 2012 the Kevin Kline Awards has been suspended. Council leaders will take the summer to evaluate if and how to reorganize the group and how to deal with “significant” tax liabilities.

As a temporary solution, some St Louis critics  will set up a “critics' choice” award that would be presented in 2013 to honor productions and performances in the 2012 calendar year.

Kline award winners were chosen by ballot, with seven voters seeing each production staged by a troupe that belonged to the council. The rotating panel of judges included many different types of theater artists and people who support the theater arts.

"We have not decided to fold," said Charlie Robin, president of the board. "But do we restart Jan. 1? We don't know. That is the conversation for this summer."

The Klines, organized in 2005 to honor excellence in St. Louis professional theater, have been beset by money problems. Even if that debt were resolved, the organization still needs to set up a regular source of revenue to run its operations. Apart from the annual awards ceremony, the Klines' budget is under $25,000 a year.

The Professional Theater Council of St. Louis currently has about 25 members, all St. Louis-based theaters.


The O’Jays' lead singer Eddie Levert will make an appearance at Vintage Vinyl in the Delmar Loop on June 27 to sign copies of  his new solo album “I Still Have It.” The next day, he will perform at a fundraiser on June 28 for Aldermanic President Lewis Reed. Also scheduled to appear are  with Devon Alexander, Roland Wiliams and chef JoJo Davis.

Soul food owner and reality show star Robbie Montgomery had an invite only 72  year old birthday party Friday at her new spot, Upper Crust.


Former St Louis Rams player Marshall Faulk  and Philadephia Eagles’ Jeremy Maclin were both spotted at Europe.

Rapper 2 Chainz has been added to Nicki Minaj's "Pink Friday" tour, which comes to Peabody Opera House on July 31.

Sharon Needles, the current winner of the latest season of “RuPaul’s Drag Race,” is at Attitudes, 4100 Manchester Ave., Sunday night.
Bravo wraps up its multicity "Top Chef: The Tour" on Saturday, June 30, with a stop at St. Louis' Soulard Market (730 Carroll Street).
Former chefs Ed Lee (Season 9; Texas) and Kenny Gilbert (Season 7; Washington, D.C.) will cook for and interact with fans during three demonstration sessions, at 10:30 a.m., noon and 1:30 p.m. Advance tickets for the free event are gone, but attendees are welcome to show up on June 30 for first-come, first-served seats.
Visit for more information

Prior to his concert to the Pageant on June 30, R&B singer Will Downing will be at a happy hour the day before at the new Coliseum Music Lounge from 4 p.m.-7 p.m. It will be presented by 13 Black Katz. The concert is presented by Majic 104.9.


 Former Dean of McKendree College Gerald Duff released his new novel, “Dirty Rice.”

 Avery Sunshine will perform with Coco Soul at Lola June 21  At Lola  9pm. or 
 Eclectic St. Louis songbird Teresa Jenee released her new mixtape titled "Electric Yellow: Super Tape." July 3. She recently did a public appearance
at Ziezo.
Rapper Rcb Mc hosts  every first Friday  at Exo and he has just released his first a mixtape Bachelor Party. He will have a CD release party at Inspot this Saturday ( SEE EVENTZ BELOW)


STL fashion stylist Godfried Addae  is in the June issue of St. Louis Magazine.

Lady Antebellum, Darius Rucker and Thompson Square’s will perform June 29 show at Verizon Wireless Amphitheater.
Will Downing  will perform at the Pageant June 30
Rockhouse Entertainment and Hella Fly present Jagged Edge at the Ambassador July 1

FAIR ST LOUIS The 32nd annual Fair Saint Louis will will feature three days of free entertainment on the grounds of the Gateway Arch.  Featured headliners include Heart on Wednesday, July 4, Third Eye Blind on Friday, July 6 and Dierks Bentley on Saturday, July 7. Activities will also include two Independence Day runs in collaboration with the St. Louis Sports Commission, the 135th annual VP Parade themed “Parade Around the World,” air shows and more!

Stevie Stone performs July 5 at Pop's as part of Tech N9ne's Hostile Takeover Tour.


Ledisi will perform July 13 at the Pageant.
Eric Benet is also on the bill.

Rock singer Fiona Apple heads to the Peabody Opera House July 14.


The Summer Music Festival starring Maze featuring Frankie Beverly and Patti LaBelle is July 15 at Verizon Wireless Amphitheater. Also on the bill are the O'Jays, Babyface and Tank.

Rock group O.A.R. will perform at the Fox Theatre. July 19.


ADD:Singer Lenny Williams is at the Ambassador . July 21. 

The Indigo Girls will perform July 21 at the Pageant.

Javier Mendoza's CD release party for his "Vida, Trabajo, Amor" project is at 7:30 p.m.July 24 at the Sheldon Concert Hall.

Grammy Award winning rock group Train performs at the Peabody Opera House July 29.

Seal is playing the Fox Theatre July 31.Macy Gray opens.
Comedian/radio personality/game show host Steve Harvey will perform at Chaifetz Arena on July 27.
 Grammy Award nominated rapper/singer Nicki Minaj will perform at the Peabody Opera House July 31. 


Zac Brown Band will perform Aug. 1 at Verizon Wireless Amphitheater.

Comedian Tracy Morgan from "30 Rock" returns to St. Louis with a concert Aug. 3 at Lumiere Place Casino for two

Diamond Rio and Jo Dee Messina are joining forces for a Vatterott College benefit taking place Aug. 4 at the Pageant.
Erin Bode is also on the bill.
House Party Tour 2012 featuring Whodini is at 7 p.m. Aug. 4 at the Ambassador.

Summerland 2012 with Everclear, Sugar Ray, Gin Blossoms, Lit and Marcy Playground is at 7 p.m. Aug. 7 at the Family Arena.
 The Smooth Jazz Cruise presents David Sanborn and Brian Culbertson,  Aug. 23 at the Pageant.

Grammy Award winning country singer Lyle Lovett will perform Aug. 25 at the Peabody Opera House.


Phish will perform at the Chaifetz Arena Aug 28


BLIND PICZ. Who were these ladies who attended the I AM A SURVIVOR ALL WHITE PARTY held at the Planetarium recently?

BLIND DISHZ--Which national celebrity may be coming to St Louis to bring their summer camp for young women?

HINT 1. She is an actress and singer

HINT 2.She co-starred in a "chick flick" movie earlier this year with a famous country singer and rap star.

HINT 3. She can be seen on a popular Nickelodean show.

PRO-MO-CIAL-ITES. (June 17-23)Which STL movers and shakers got it in this week on the promotions of their events and being on the scene?

The Ladies of Café Soul (Angela Brown, Tendai Morris and Nicol Stevenson). These veteran ladies of the music showcase Café Soul is back with
 Its monthly event that is now on its new Saturday spot ( which debuted  last month) at PLUSH in Midtown St Louis.  Two of the ladies also handle promotions outside of Café Soul. Brown is a manager for the concert entity Live Nation and Morris is a singer/songwriter and is a beautician.

Vanita Applebum.This mainstay promoter has been low key music promotion scene but she’s been continuing her promotions co teaming with various promoters in St louis including monthly listening parties on Fridays with B Free Paparazzi. Along with that, she is co-promoting the urban alternative soul series Simple Pleasures  on Thursdays at Lola with Fusciology and the event’s namesake company. (SEE STL TIDBITZ ABOVE).


The Men of Hella Fly (King Kerry and Dano Johnson). This promotions duo keep it rollin with Pour it Up Tuesdays at BSV Lounge and on Fridays with its new weekly party Relax and Breathe with Liquid Assets at Exo. This Saturday, Johnson will celebrate his bday with a Luau Cruise on the Mississppi (SEE EVENTZ BELOW)

Rcb MC and Tony Vega. This rapper/model promotions duo are getting it in strongly on the scene.  Rcb,  who debuted his own hosting nite at Exo every first Fridays, gets it in every Sunday with Swagger Sundays (hosted by Vega) at Twisted Olive. On Saturday, Rcb will be celebrating his birthday as well as having a CD listening party for his new mixtape “Bachelor Party” that will take place at the Inspot. The event will be hosted by Vega. (SEE EVENTZ BELOW)





Why was Rodney King banging on the door in the wee hours of the morning before he died? And why doesn’t seem like his girlfriend is covering up what happened? Why didn’t Sandusky testify? Why does it seem as though  there is a attempt to make Justin Bieber an urban artist?  Why is Chris Bosch’s wife have to apply for food stamps? Why did the St Louis police have so many cops downtown over the last weekends to patrol that it looked like a terrorist threat? Why did Halle Berry have to pay child support to her ex and he doesn’t have custody of their child?  Why does Alec Baldwin and Lindsay Lohan keep getting a criminal pass each time they get in trouble? Why didn’t Bobbi Kristina attend her father’s wedding? Why did an Arizona radio host call President Obama a monkey? And why did Addidas come up with the shackle sneaker? 

HAPPY STL CANCERians BDAZEs. Comedian G thang Johnson(PICTURED), radio personality Hank Thompson, artist manager Tony Davis, comedian Brie Johnson, poet Floyd Boykin, event promoter Dano Johnson, singers Jamie Spencer and Kenneth DeShields, rappers Rcb Mc and Makal Cross, promoter Monica Butler photographer Lois Ingrum and socialite Valarie Johnson


*Word is DJ AGILE 1 will be in the building with us...and she is SUPER DOPE!*

If you have ever been to a VAPORZ already know...we rock until the doors sweat. Then we write obscenities on them. So if you want to do something a little different than looking grown and sexy this Friday...come check us out...and get some ICE CREAM.

The Vaporz and Leisure Studies presents

"Ice Cream"

Friday, June 22nd. 2012

LOLA | 9pm-3am | 21+


REO Speedwagon, Styx and Ted Nugent headline the Midwest Rock N’ Roll Express Tour, coming to Verizon Wireless Amphitheater June 22.


All White Party




This will be the hottest FRIDAY NIGHT PARTY 

21+ FREE BEFORE 10:45

18 - 20 ONLY $5 BEFORE 10:45 doors open at 10 

DJ Reece and DJ Arty J spinnig

For VIP Treatment or any other information you want to know please INBOX me... I will be glad to take care of everyone


In My Skin: Fashion Show represents the uplifting of women of all shapes and sizes as well as cultural and ethic backgrounds. The goal is to inspire and instill a sense of self-confidence as well as esteem regardless of the images portrayed in today’s media. Through the display of spoken word, dance, song and timeless fashion we hope to establish self-pride in the women of our community. 
June 2 at Monsanto YMCA
7 p.m.
$10 in advance
$15 at the door

Live Entertainment
Light Refreshments will be provided. 

For more information visit

RCB M.C's Birthday and the release of his new mix-tape entitled "Bachelor Party" which features the Hit single "I Wantcha" ft. former American Idol finalist Aloha Mi'Sho!!
"Bachelor Party" also features Brian McKnight, Bobby Valentino, Chingy & more!
this is the follow up to his last mix-tape "Grey Goose, HeadPhones & Thirsty Women" which had over 40 thousand downloads
its all goin down Saturday June 23rd @ THE IN SPOT (5854 Delmar)

Hosted by Tony Vega

Comedian Margaret Cho is at Lumiere Place Casino’s Lumiere Theater for two shows,. June 23. 

The Third Annual Rose Man Party for Lee Nixon is June 23 at the Ambassador, inside the Club Klymaxx room. Kim Massie and the Solid Senders will perform, along with Pieces of the Family featuring Marvin "Hitman" Rice and saxophonist Mike Fitzgerald.


Hella Fly Promotions Presents........DANO'S 4TH ANNUAL BIG CANCER LUAU CRUISE ON DA MISSISSIPPI.....SATURDAY JUNE 23RD...ON THE BECKY THATCHER RIVERBOAT 10pm -1:00am COME HELP ME & MY CANCER FRIENDS CELEBRATE OUR BIRTHDAY WE DOING IT LUAU STYLE....There Will Be Free Food And Luau Material For Guest To Wear....To Book A Party , Reserve Ur 20$ Table .....Or To Purchase Ur 30$ Tickets Now... Contact KERRY 314-456-5976 OR DANO 314-685-0500 ONLY 220 TICKETS WILL BE SOLD SO BUY THEM NOW OR YOU WILL BE LEFT BEHIND.


ADD: 2012 STL Pride Fest June 23-24 at Tower Grove Park For more info go to

Gavin DeGraw and Colbie Caillat co-headline a tour coming to Peabody Opera House June 24.

Afrojack will perform June 24 at the Pageant.


Merle Haggard &Marty Stuart team up for a tour coming to the Family Arena June 24.


St. Louis R&B singer Coco Soul is coming up at the Sheldon Concert Hall's "Notes From Home" series with an evening of Coco Soul and Friends and the Soul Academy of Music, taking place June 26.


Every last Sunday we bring to you POETIC JUSTICE: Live Poetry | Jam Session at __2847 Cherokee
Hosted by Corey Black

Open Mic for anyone wanting to share their poetry. Get there early to sign the list. 

Only $5 and it's BYOB!!

We will provide cups and ice.

Come out and chill, listen to some awesome music, and hear some outstanding poetry. This event is live and the energy is always amazing!!!


*JUNE 21ST* WE LIVE IN (( THE VENUE )) <<<-------------




---->> LADIES *FREE* TIL 11PM > & ( $5 ) TIL 12AM <<----







The biggest party on Thursday Nights at Jive N Wail ! 

No Cover

DJ Deception & Arty J start at 11pm

Drink Specials All Night



FOX 2’s St. Louis Idol competition invites local singers to showcase their singing skills for a chance to win a guaranteed audition in Chicago, IL.   St. Louis Idol invites local singers between the ages of 15 and 28  for a guaranteed audition in front of American Idol producers in Chicago, IL on July 12, 2012.  Up to 300 contestants will have a chance to perform 30 seconds of singing a capella in front of our local judges June 22 at the Chesterfield Mall inside Dillard’s Court Auditions will begin promptly at 9am and will end at 12pm. For more info go to


Rap mogul Nelly and his X’Treme Institute’s instructors and music industry professionals will have a Summer Camp through VatterottCollege. Campers will get the opportunity to dance, record their own beat, sing, play instruments, photograph, be artistic, be dramatic, and much more.
This performing arts and music summer camp in St. Louis is reportedly  scheduled for six sessions beginning June 18 and continuing through July 26. Camp classes are divided by age. Campers ages 8 –11 may enroll in theKids Camp and campers ages 12 –16 may enroll in the Teens Camp

St Louis writer Toriano Porter has published his second novel, “ James Cool “ 


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